Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So that story about my father in law

I sing in our church choir. I am very busy with it at times, but only twice a year ... Christmas and Easter. We have practice every Wed. night, and then we have to be there between 8 and 8:30, depending on whether I have to sing on a worship team that weekend or not. This past weekend, as you know, was Easter. This meant a trip from my inlaws. They came in on Friday around dinnertime, and they left after lunch on Sunday.

Conversations can be free-flowing at times, but at others, it can be stale. This weekend was not one of those stellar conversation visits.

Here are some observations about my inlaws:

1. They come to see their son; seeing the grandkids is a bonus, sometimes. They never come to see their daughter in law. And really, why?
2. They can take the kids in bits and pieces. They can't be around them more than 8 hours at a time. My FIL HAS to take a nap in the middle of the day. I call it an excuse. Yes, he had open heart surgery about four or five years ago due to a massive heart attack. But then, this is the man who will make 2-3 trips up and down 100+ stairs built into a hillside. It is all about priorities, people.
3. They have never really liked me. They tolerate me, and I, them. It is a relationship of co-existence, really. We have had our bouts of screaming matches on the phone. We have fought over the STUPIDEST things, and there have been times when I would just like to have left that relationship in the dust.
4. No matter how hard I try, they get under my skin. Case in point:

We are out to eat Sunday for Easter. Nice little get together at a local establishment. Hardware Man (nah... not gonna stick with that one) used to play saxophone. Ask his parents. They have at LEAST 5 different photo albums with at least 100 pics a piece of HM playing on at least EVERY SINGLE piece of grass on his HS football team's field. And hence the conversation:

FIL: Hey... have you gotten out your sax (he had asked his parents to bring it one visit because he HAD to have it for some reason or another)?
HM: Some, but not a lot.
FIL: Have you thought about playing in your church's band?
HM: No ... there are too many people playing sax as it is, and that didn't even include the Worship Arts pastor.
FIL: Well, I just figured ... since she's up there doing HER thing (that would be ME he is talking about), I just thought it would be nice that you could get up there and do YOUR thing. You've been busy corraling the kids; let them corral themselves.

Nice. Right there in front of my kids. He considers a man taking care of his OWN children, HIS grandchildren, to be "corraling" them. AND he thinks that because I have this ONE thing that I do on my own that poor pitiful HM is having to deal with the kids, and he gets to do NOTHING.

Whattheeffever. HM was asked to usher; he said no. He has been asked, repeatedly, to join the choir. He has said no. HM does damn well whatever he pleases, and then it looks like I am some sort of pushy bitch who gets her way constantly because POOR HM ... he can't do what he wants to do in church.

Bull shit.

Nice Christian attitude, huh?


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