Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Where did my day go? I wanna know. Who took it? It is 11:52 pm. I did JACKSHOOT all day long today. Ask me what I accomplished? NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. Well ok, if you consider starting a knitting project doing something, then I did SOMEthing.

And if you consider entertaining a 2 1/2 year old who has discovered the glorious world of gum, and who can't take NO MORE GUM for an answer, as doing something, then I did SOMEthing.

And if you consider taking a 7 year old to school, and picking her up as doing something, then I did SOMEthing.

Or meeting with my IS students. Or entertaining the Door Man when all DM wanted to do was talk to me the ENTIRE time I was trying to watch the scrapbook marathon on QVC. Much to his father's chagrin, he couldn't stop the Maniac from ordering 2 packs of Wild Asparagus paper, and a buttload of foam alphabet letters.

The Chandelier Monkey decided that dipping her now empty Princess Pull Ups wipe box in the toilet and calling it "mmmm... GOOD water" was an awesome pastime today. It makes me nervous to think there was more than just dipping going on.

Queen Bee didn't make it to soccer tonight as she was complaining of a headache and had a lowgrade fever. Don't know if those two things are related or not...

And Ace and I just had a conversation (read: argument) on how Rotary and MOPS are two totally different things, but that it is ok to miss a meeting every once in a while. Seriously, what is the POINT of Rotary?

A bunch of people who eat a free breakfast, put in their *happy dollar* (which is what led Ace and I to have the argument), and *network.* Network, my ass. Attending Rotary meetings for the year that Ace didn't have a job REALLY put him a good position. Must have been all that *networking* he was doing at these meetings. I was waiting for them to catch on that he was a freeloader, and they would boot his butt out the door.

You can well imagine that his Rotary club loves me. They had their little shebang on being chartered (WOO HOO! the Rotary gods are smiling down on them!), and when I walked in the door in my tye dye shirt, jeans, and Birkenstocks, I was politely *HA* told that this was the Rotary meeting ... I don't think there is anything for you here. I just glared at this self-serving wench of a woman, and blew right past her, finding Ace in a sea of suits and Republican do-gooders.

I don't do well with the mainstream. I don't do well with people who think I should be more conservative, more quiet. I don't tolerate those type of people well. Because you know what? I am who I am, and there's no changing me. I stand up for what I believe in ...

And that is why I had to run away from my other blog because I am SUCH a strong person and stood up for my rights, instead of telling my MIL to quit reading my blog.

I am SUCH a fighter!


Blogger truebluegirl said...

I love your new blog...the gloves are off and you're coming out swingin! Cussin' up a storm! Maybe we should have a poo poo word of the day. Here's a laugh. My dad sweetest man in the world never cursed but let us kids send him over the edge and he'd come out with a "AH HORSE SHIT...THAT"S HORSE SHIT." Thought you'd enjoy that one.

You know I love ya girl. See ya tonight :o)

8:31 AM  

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