Monday, April 23, 2007

Fiends and Friends

There are people you can count on to be your friend through thick and thin.

There are also people you can count on to be fiends about something.

My life was filled with both this past weekend, and it was all a wonderful experience.

The fiend part: I know that there are people out there who are PASSIONATE about their craft. I could fall into this category with knitting, I suppose. Would I scream and go crazy over seeing Debbie Stoller? I don't think I would. I probably wouldn't know what she looked like. Vickie Howell, now that might be a different story because she is just too darn cute.

There is this woman ... this woman named Ali. Ali Edwards, to be exact. If you are a scrapper, you know who she is. You either like her style or you don't. She is all about simple things, and finding the beauty in those simple things.

This is where my friend Robin fits in. Robin LOVES Ali. Loves her. Robin considers herself a stalker of Ali. She will be the first to admit it. She is so darn cute about it ... she will be calm on the outside, but I know that she is squirming on the inside when there is an Ali sighting. And Ali knows Robin. She knows Robin because Robin is a very memorable person. Ali also knows Julie because ... well ... if you can't remember Julie, then there's something wrong with you!

So when the two worlds converged on Friday night ... when Ali was actually SITTING at our table, yukking it up with us, my dear friend Robin was probably wanting to jump out of her skin. But she contained herself.

Does this make Robin a fiend about something? I would more than likely lump her in the "fan" not fiend category. This woman has a following, and I don't think I ever appreciated how much of a following she has. Before I met Ali, I would have called Robin a fiend. Now I call Robin a fan of Ali ... one who CAN contain herself even though it is hard to do so.

Now, the Tim Holtz contingency. Man. I can see where that one comes from. He's a cutie, and so funny. And these women in his class ... they practically fall out of their seats to get his attention. They start lining up for his class 30 minutes ahead of time, just to sit in the front row. Ok. Ok. I was in the second row. I admit it. And I told him that I was having a love affair with his scissors. But still ... would I consider myself a self-proclaimed fiend? No.

There were many fiends out there this weekend, and I am just glad that I was labeled a calm, easy-going individual. Probably too much so. But I really don't see why people get their panties in a bind over stamping.

See? We all have our poisons. How we choose them is personal. And the choice is a lot of fun in the making.

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Anonymous Priyanka said...

Friends and Fiends--interesting enough!Some friends are in reality fiends. They cause so much trouble!I had some 'friends'like yours in the past and so i can picture this.

9:14 AM  
Blogger The "Mind" said...

Well, from the sounds of things you had a great time. Welcome back!

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

yes, you know..she was rocking my world..
my scrapbook idol! LOL!
Had a wonderful time with you my sister..
just one more "bam" in the life of our wonderful friendship!

1:47 AM  

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