Thursday, April 12, 2007

TT #34

This morning is one of those mornings. I have been having a hard time getting up to work, so I am PAINFULLY behind on that. I also have two girls who don't know the concept of sleeping in after they have had a really rowdy night the night before. Add to that a child who decides that it is her duty to wake up her sleeping brother (Thank you SOOO much for that, Monkey), it has already been a great morning, and I have only been awake for 10 minutes. But my mind is going ...

1. When did it get to be the middle of April already? Seriously. Soon it will be May, and then *shudder* June and summer break. Wow.

2. This weekend. WHY does EVERYthing have to happen in one day? Saturday, Queen has soccer pics. Then she has a game at 9:30. I have to be at the church for Kinder Choir rehearsal with the Monkey and the Man from 9 to 10, and the Queen needs to be there from 10 to noon. I can't let her miss the rehearsal because she has a substantial speaking part, and she needs to be there to practice. I'm with Robin. Praying for rain.

3. Speaking of soccer, I have a bone to pick with our soccer association. While I appreciate the fact that they want the kids to look uniform, WHY in the HELL do they have to wear the skimpiest of NASTY polyester jerseys? AND let me tell you ... that little "emblem" will crack and fade with subsequent washings. And some kids will look like crap out there. You should have let us keep up with the tradition of hte hand-me-down soccer shirts. They will look better over time.

4. I have to write a quiz for my one student-class tonight. I also have a speaker coming in to talk to her, along with a few others. Did you know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month? Now you do.

5. CKU: I HAVE to prepare. I had a dream that we left and I had NOTHING with me.... no tools, no pictures, no clothes, no NOTHING!

6. My inlaws are coming in this weekend. Yep. Enough said.

7. My family is going to Great Wolf Lodge next weekend while I am away. So I have to get them prepared, meaning I need to get the Queen a new suit. So meant to order one from J Crew. Never got around to it. Bad Mom. Bad, bad Mom. And the only place that I have seen bathing suits is the Walton Trust Fund. Great.

8. Did I mention that I am PAINFULLY behind in work? Yeah. I think I did. And all I want to do is knit and do what I want to do. But I have been down that road so many times I have lost count. Oh yeah... did I mention that I didn't get that job? Nope. Got the email File 13 letter last Friday. But I was going to tell them no anyway. Seriously. I was. Honestly.<9>We have to finish the cars for the youngers production this Sunday. But let me tell you ... Sunday at 12:30 will be a GOOD time of the day, because both performances will be O.V.E.R.

10. I need to get some pictures taken of my knitting, my yarn, me knitting my yarn, and then 3 1" black and white pictures for a CKU class. I guess the first thing to do is see where I can get that done.

11. I have to make a decision about the Monkey's preschool situation next year. While the little school is wonderful where she goes now, they have no room in their 4 and 5 year old class. And the teacher suggested that I *hold her back* in the 3 YO class, no matter the fact that she will be turning four in June. So she will be FOUR in a THREE year old class. No thanks. I appreciate that you don't want to lose my money, but I won't hold my kid back just because the 4 and 5 YO class filled up quickly. Montessori is a huge consideration right now. I think she would fare wonderfully there, plus her little friend, Abby, will be there.

12. My mother, sister, and I need to decide if we are going to go out on the craft show "circuit" this summer. I have applied for a vendor's license, but haven't heard anything back about that. And my mother asks me about it, every time she sees me. EVERY time. I'm about ready to send her to Columbus with a note in her hand...

13. Need to finish a pair of shorts for a customer before we leave next week. Yes, BEFORE we leave. That means I need to get four days worth of work done in these next two days.... HA! That should be a sight to behold. My suggestion, people ... stay away from my house for the next seven days. After that, it's all fair game.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you'd like I'm completely willing to send the snow we got last night, the snow that is still falling today, to you for Saturday. That ought to take care of that little issue w/the soccer pics. ;)

Are you seriously having a hard time finding bathing suits? Man, they are everywhere here and...duh...we still have snow. LOL! JCPenney? Target?

10:44 AM  
Blogger Jason h said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Chelle said...

You are one busy lady! I hope you get a chance to breathe!

12:04 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

Sue ... are you packed and ready to move West yet?

Chelle ... I am sure there will be an opportunity to do a lot of deep breathing when I have to calm my nerves for when the inlaws arrive. LOL!

And Yeah ... dude in the middle, you spammer .. thanks for that comment.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous jenn said...

that's a lot going on. Hang in there, you'll get it all done.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maniac, I'm so ready to move West. I honestly would be applying for jobs in Salt Lake City right this very second if Pman agreed to move now rather than in 2 - 3 years.

He wants to fly out there this year yet though and make sure it has everything we want.

Once we do that, he'll have to scrape me off the ceiling every time we talk about it. LOL!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

soo...about that vendor license thing..can I get in on that? I could sell some pre-made scrapbooks..???
Check with wal-greens about the pics woman.
Hope you can work Wednesday out, we would like to leave around 5:30 or so..2 hrs there plus dinner..registration is bright and early Thursday am.
I have to make a $^%&$^ car tonight. Good times
Love you, talk to you soon!

6:51 AM  

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