Friday, April 27, 2007

Why the difference?

A month or so ago, Ace and the Queen got all dressed up for their Friday night date ... the Father/Daughter Dance at the Queen's school. Ace was wearing a nice suit, and the Queen looked very pretty in a sweater set and skirt. Ace informed me that the girls were all dressed to the nines. Then I was informed that the Queen had ditched her date to help the janitor clean the bathrooms.

This evening, the Man and I have our date. Do we get to dress up nicely? Do we get to don our dress and khaki pants and nice button-down shirt?

No. We have been charged with a "theme." A Sports theme. Pick your favorite sports team, and wear their apparel.

Ask the Man who his favorite sports team is. I dare ya!

You will receive the response of a blank stare, and then a feeble answer-question "UK?"

Now isn't that a crock? The father/daughter relationship is viewed as this beautiful thing ... a special little relationship that is all about roses and frilly dresses and trips to the local ice cream establishment.

My relationship with my son has been whittled down to spitting, jocks straps, and scratching their crotches.




Anonymous Robn said...

Atleast it's progressed from slamming
that would be quite a sight..
you, E..walking around in your UK apparel slamming the doors..
you would surely be kicked out..

7:07 AM  
Blogger The "Mind" said...

I've got to wonder though, if past experience has shown them that little boys don't dress up and so this is their way of making everyone more comfortable?

Now my boys, ha, when they were little...bring on the tux! Seriously. DT stood up for a wedding when he was 5. When I took him in to get fitted, of course they only had mis-matched pieces for sizing. So there he was, in the mirrored room where brides try on their dresses, up on the pedestal, strutting his stuff in a tan tux coat, baby blue trousers and white shoes. I would kill to have a picture of that.

8:10 AM  

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