Friday, July 07, 2006

Pass the bong but don't tell the Pastor

One evening a few years ago, I was making dinner. I like to listen to the radio when I make dinner as it (1) gives me something to do as I chop onions and (2) drowns out my famished children's pleas for something "normal" for dinner.

I listen to our local station that plays more classic (read: 70s and 80s music ... so classic to my generation) music. I am not all into that new stuff ... although I do have ... choke, gasp ... Ashlee Simpson on my iRiver. There ... deep breath ... I feel better admitting that.

I LOVE me some Floyd. Love a lot of their songs. I had never really watched The Wall until college but I knew all of the music from it.

I was singing along ... We don't need no education ... we don't need no thought control ...

Queen Bee, who might have been all but three and a half to four year old is sitting at the kitchen table, coloring. She was swaying back and forth to the music when all of a sudden...

this lightbulb blinks on over her head.

"Mommy!!! Mommy!!!!" excitedly pointing to the radio ... "we sing dat song in Sunday school!!!"

Stopping mid-chop, I turned the radio up to verify that it was Pink Floyd. It most certainly was.

"You WHAT?" I ask.

"Dat song ... on the radio" still excitedly pointing her tiny finger in the radio's direction ... "we SING dat in Sunday school!!!!"

"Oh honey ... I don't think you sing THIS song in Sunday school."

"Oh yes we do.... we get in circle time and Pastor XXXX starts singing it!"

Now, if you even KNEW our Director of Children's Ministries (and some of you, my dear readers, do), you would know this is a ludicrous concept.

However, it did conjure up some good images ...

"Come on, children! It's circle time. I need to light the incense to cover up the smell of the bong .... shhh.. we don't want Mommy or Daddy knowing that I am toking during children's worship. Ok ... any requests? Yes Billy ... oh ... you want to hear some Floyd? Sure, honey! Another Brick in the Wall? Absolutely. Now now now, Kelly ... we can sing Comfortably Numb AFTER we sing about our irreverance of authority."

And the sad thing is ... when I wanted to tell our Director this what I thought was hilarious story, she just gave me a blank stare and said "Pink who?"


Blogger The "Mind" said...

Love your "That 70's Show"-esque circle sequence. LOL!

10:19 AM  
Blogger MommaK said...

LOL!!! That cound be a sitcom episode :)

10:52 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

I hadn't even given That 70s Show a thought ... that does remind me of one of those episodes.

11:37 PM  
Blogger ~d said...

(I like me some Ashlee too! Boyfriend and LaLa)
But I am here to holla abt our Pastor dude-what did he sing in bible study once? I mean BESIDES Viva La Vegas. He sang-(hold, let me ask the husband)
Danile by Elton John. ( it was an older class and he said something about Daniel-and then he said is leaving tonight on a plane and the husband kind of laughed-HAHA-and like no one else 'got it'. Yeah. So I am feeling your Pink-who?

BTW-Korn does an AWESOME very respectful cover of Another Brick in the Wall.

2:27 PM  

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