Monday, July 03, 2006

Tell 'em Jimmy Honk sent you

When Queen Bee was smaller, I kept expecting to see her have tea parties with imaginary friends. I expected to hear her ask if "so and so" could go with us to the store, or could I get something to eat for "whatshername." We never got that. In a way, I was a bit disappointed. I always thought that imaginary friends were fun (as long as they weren't blamed for things), but Queen Bee, in all her literalness, could never wrap her mind around something so foolish.

I got my wish with the Door Man. You see, Mominator always tells me how much the Man reminds her of my brother when he was little. How my brother used to talk ALL the time about things. How my brother would run into the wall just for the fun of it. How my brother had this imaginary friend named Jimmy Honk.

Jimmy went everywhere with my brother. He would never stay home, no matter how many times Mom told Jimmy that he wasn't invited on their trip to the grocery store. Jimmy was quite the mainstay at our house, until Jimmy met an untimely demise. I do believe that my mother ran over him with her car one day, but she couldn't be certain.

The Door Man has not one, not two, but THREE imaginary friends. Hassalussent (who knows how to spell that one), Anchie, and The Great Oneofit.

Anchie is a bus driver. She has been known to be unkind to the Door Man, so much so that the Man decided that he no longer needed Anchie as a friend. Translation: Queen Bee made Anchie say something mean to the Man.

Hassalussent is a great companion to play board games with because H knows how to lose... every single time. And H doesn't nark on the Door Man when the Man takes more than one turn.

The Great Oneofit is also good for some board games. He loves to play Penguin Math with the Man.

Last week, I kept telling the Man to get in his seat and buckle in. He said "I can't yet ... I have to buckle Anchie in first." Anchie is teaching the Man to be considerate and think of others before himself, even if that means pissing his mother off as she is running 20 minutes late.

The Man has some great conversations with these three. They talk back to the Man, but are never disrespectful or rude. So I suppose I couldn't have asked for better imaginary friends for the Man.

So as far as imagination goes, the Man's got it. Of course, he isn't much more different than me ... I didn't have any imaginary friends, though. However, I spent an entire summer on vacation, sitting on a rock in Tennessee, barking at passing cars. And that is for another blog post.


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