Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Brownies need your help!

AKA: What craft can I do with the Bee's Brownie troop this week?

They are going for a Try It Badge on healthy eating, so I have to compile a trail mix concept for the girls for their snacks.

But I also have to come up with the craft. Can you think of anything can tie healthy foods into a craft?

I found this, and it looks really cute, but they won't be dry in time for the girls to take them home.

Or there is this and I could do all the apple prep beforehand.

Any other ideas out there? I remember doing the dried apple craft when I was growing up and it was fun and interesting. I want them to know how to do the drying, so maybe I could bring in a sample.

So .. have at it. Other ideas are greatly appreciated. I only have a short amount of time with them, and if I see another foam magnet or book mark come home with my kid, I will scream.


Anonymous Pass the Torch said...

Thinking, thinking, thinking.

I'm not very crafty (though I'd like to be.) Either of the projects you mentioned sound darling. I'm thinking you could also do a dried orange Christmas ornament. My cousin used to make them and they smelled good too.

Not that I know how to DO that, but it's an idea;)

Good luck!

10:50 PM  
Anonymous jenn said...

I was also thinking the orange idea. You can use whole oranges and push cloves into them in different patterns. Then wrap some ribbon around to hang it up. They do smell great and look cool and funky.

Look, I found a link for you!

11:15 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

Oh EXCELLENT, Jenn! I wasn't even thinking of the orange idea. I did that as a craft when I younger, too. I had an earth mama art teacher at the school I went to growing up, so we did all sorts of really cool things. And they are all coming back to me.

5:56 AM  

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