Monday, October 23, 2006

You take the high road and I'll take the low road

Back in July, I talked about my Mortal Enemy. She was someone I knew growing up, and she is still the same person today that she was 30 some years ago. But now, I can call her a frigid bitch, because that is exactly what she is to me. To this day, I have NO idea what it is about me that just riles her.

So Ace told me to take the high road on this subject, and I complied. For two whole days. Really, two and a HALF days. But it is coming out now.

Saturday was the last day of soccer games for the fall season. Thank goodness as the air has turned to spitting rain/snow, and frigid temperatures. And to end the season, we played the Moral Enemy's son's team. His name is Blake. And of course it is, really. Blake Anthony, to be exact.

Now, Blake Anthony was out on the field, playing his little heart out. He really WAS trying. His dad, who used to be Ace's boss, was yelling at him from the sideline. And not from his chair, mind you. He would follow him up and down the field.

Get it, Blake. Come on! Get it!!!! Kick the ball!!!! BLAKE ANTHONY!!!!!

I really felt sorry for the kid because it really didn't call for pulling out the big guns and using the middle name.

Mortal Enemy sat in her chair and barely moved her lips. I think it was more out of disgust than anything because she didn't want to lay claim to the kid who was OBVIOUSLY not playing to his six-year-old potential out there on the field.

So it was with great joy that MY son, the one who has been loping up and down the soccer field since the games started in September, never getting himself into the thick of things, actually getting into the thick of things. He was aggressive. He was running after the ball. He was all over the place. AND....


I became one of those mothers, as Ace pointed out to me. But I was excited! I had to let it be known that that was MY son who scored that goal. That was MY son who kept at it and finally got in there.

I didn't notice the Mortal Enemy doing any cartwheels.


Anonymous Robin said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! Never take the high road, as none of your friends are there! ha ha ha
Isn't great that we have this in common too?
Can't stand her...

9:31 PM  
Blogger Bellezza said...

She's too envious to give you the pleasure. I am proud of your son, though, and I'm doing cartwheels for him right now. It's hard to get into the thick of things on the soccer field; it takes balls! And I'm glad you are his supportive, exuberant mother.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Door Man. I bet that grin was as wide as his face.

I think we all have that one person, our mortal enemy, who just loathes us for no apparent reason.

I have one myself. Only mine doesn't give me the satisfaction of being an outright bitch. Mine is a backstabber.

I ran into her in a store about 6 years ago and she was trying to make all nicety-nice. Finally, I had it with the honey-dripping convo and told her, "Look, you never talked to me in school, why start now? It isn't like we are going to be best buds or anything." And I walked away. Haven't seen her since and it is no skin off my nose.

11:01 PM  
Anonymous kailani said...

Yay Door Man! Way to go! I bet it was a long quiet ride home for Mortal Enemy!

2:14 AM  

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