Friday, October 13, 2006

Jacque Blue

I was sitting here working, thinking about a phone conversation I had with my dear friend, Jacque this morning. We will just pick up the phone and call for no reason, or to call and gripe about something that isn't going right in our lives.

I just realized that J and I have talked on the phone almost every day of this week and last, and you know what? I Jones for her conversations.

We can sit on the phone for an hour and have a conversation that, if a third party were forced to listen in, they would call our respective drs. and get some heavy adult ADHD meds prescribed to us ASAP. Seriously, her train of thought and mine are just about one in the same.

Jacque hails from the Bluegrass State, and I can pretty much understand everything she is saying to me, except for one time when she asked me what Sean's wife's name was on Nip/Tuck and I replied with MacNamara. Well, that is his LAST name. That is what I thought J asked me ... but other than that, because I am married into a family of Southerners, I don't have to ask her too many times to repeat herself. Not that her accent is bad. It isn't. But it sure is there, and I love that about her.

She and I have similar issues with a lot of things. And she just makes you feel validated. She shares so much of herself, and she would do anything in the world for anyone. She is a giving, loving individual, and I count myself lucky to be her friend.

So Miss Jacque ... you have yourself a good weekend. And don't you call me tonight at 9. :)


Anonymous Jacque said... have a post about me... If I may borrow a phrase you recently used in reference to Battlestar Galactica..."I nearly wet myself with excitement!" You are so sweet and one of the most giving people I know!!!! And I'll have to say I was thinking the same thing about how we'd talked a lot lately. A day without talking to you is like red velvet cake without the icing. I love that you misunderstood my Nip/Tuck question because my rambling magnolia mouth was a little too fast. We just undersatnd each other with a look and make each other laugh hysterically with a look. I love that we both have a fever for some cow bell, wear a honkin' size 10 and can jam to a little Pink Floyd with the best of them! I'm blessed to have several friends like this. That's you my fellow amazon girl Robin!!!

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Jacque said...

oh and one more thing to add. When I saw "Jackie Blue" I had to think of that song, (all you children of the 70's may remember)There was this weirdo guy at the little college I went to. He would sing that song to the top of his lungs whenever he saw me. It could be walking out of the student center when I'm trying to flirt with someone or just all the way across campus!!! I wanted to die everytime he did it..."ba ba ba bah ew ew ew ew jackie blue!"

5:26 PM  

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