Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The sky is falling!

My sister called me yesterday afternoon to give me Baby Boy 2007 update ... my niece is 2 cm dilated and soft. Ok mamas... you know that that means. Men ... sorry.

So we started talking about what I want to do when the arrival date comes. I told her that I wanted to be at the hospital as much as possible for my niece, and my sister said "do you still have the same cell phone number?"

I told her that I could no longer find my cell phone, and because the battery was going on it, it had long lost its battery life and we could no longer call it to locate it. So it is officially MIA. She said she had an extra phone that we could just get programmed, and then it dawned on me that I had purchased my niece's cell phone from our garage sale last summer to use as a second phone for Ace. I told her that I would just contact Alltel, my provider, and see what I needed to do.

I called Alltel, and we programmed the phone over my phone. It was pretty slick, so now I have a fully operational cell phone again, and one that has a decent battery life.

I programmed the call in tone, choosing Toccata and Fugue. I had Ace test it for me before I took off to teach my class last night. I was off and running.

I called Ace when I was leaving class last night to tell him I was on my way to Sterling to pick up some milk and cereal, and to ask if he needed anything. He said he didn't.

While in Sterling, I was standing in the chip aisle, trying to make my selection.

And then this sound started going off. I look all around.

What IS that noise, I think? Well, it sounds like someone's cell phone. But it can't be MY cell phone because that isn't MY ringtone. It sounds like some bomb being dropped, and I KNOW I didn't choose that ring tone. So I kept looking at the chips.

But it kept GOING. I looked up. Aha... it HAS to be an alarm on the Beer Cave door. That door must have some super secret power of knowing when an underage has walked into its lair, and it is alerting the store clerk to the issue.

But the store clerk doesn't seem fazed by the sound. I start physically looking around at other people in the store, expecting them to answer their damn cell phone. The noise kept changing location as I turned around in a full circle. Nothing. I STILL wasn't convinced it wasn't the Beer Cave.

Wait... maybe it is MY phone. I hold my purse up to my ear. Nope. It isn't me. Thank goodness because man .... what a loser.

Finally, the annoying sound ceases, and I finish my shopping and head home.

I enter the house with my stuff and Ace asked me if Robin got a hold of me. I said "no, she didn't call. Nobody called me. When did she call here?" and Ace told me it was just a few minutes ago.

I told him that I had my cell phone with me and it was on, and ... oh wait. It's in my pocket. And, there's one missed call.

So I check my ringtone. Somehow it defaulted to what my niece had chosen for it (maybe the reason she sold it at the garage sale!) and that ringtone... Bomb's Away. I tested it and ... sure enough ... did you know the Beer Cave and my phone sound EXACTLY alike??!?!

So friend Robin... I apologize for not picking up.

When I was changing it in the kitchen, it started making all of its noises, and Queen Bee, who had gone to bed a little bit earlier, emerged from her room, inquiring as to what the noise was. I shooed her back into her room, and Ace started laughing.

He said that when he put the older two kids to bed, a loud jet went over the house and Queen thought it was an airplane coming to bomb the house. So he had to spend five minutes with her, telling her that we weren't going to be bombed.

and then I come home with my cell phone and start making all sorts of noise ... he was sure she was lying in bed, thinking it was the end of her world.


Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Poor kid. Night, dark and weird noises, an unfortunate mix.

Funny about the cell phone. Darn things can be unpredictable at times.

8:15 AM  
Blogger The "Mind" said...

Aww, poor baby.

I'm like that with my cell phone. I miss most calls because I just sit there thinking "whose phone is that and why don't they answer it instead of driving me crazy?" Uh, duh!

And I have mine set to ring "Oh Canada" because I figure no one is going to have that ring. Well, that and I can't figure out how to download ringtones. LOL!

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Fricken hilarious Mere...I didn't need anything..just catching up at the end of a very long day.
Miss you!
I'll call you tomorrow, be ready, it will be me..
I may even be looking in your window
ha ha

9:32 PM  
Blogger Awesomer Mom said...

lol isn't technology wonderful?

10:11 PM  

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