Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Peter and Paul

Last night, the Man lost his second top tooth when he ran into the babysitter. We should have paid her extra for that because we have been trying to get that thing out for the past 3 weeks. Seriously.

So the Man puts his tooth in the TF container, and goes to sleep.

And so does the TF.

The Man woke up this morning, and Ace said he came out, asked for a tissue, and said he had to go back to bed. Ace asked why, and the Man said "because I have to give the Tooth Fairy some more time to come."


So the TF had to come up with a little something extra in a matter of seconds, so she had to take the $ 5 bill from the windowsill that the Man's Nana had given him a few weekends ago in payment for his cleaning services.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

And we hope that Peter doesn't notice that his $ 5 is missing from the windowsill.

But then, does that adage really have any import when Peter and Paul are the same person, and the robbery occurred with the best of intentions?


Anonymous Robin said...

I can so relate girl..we forgot to do this as well the last time..
a costly mistake.
Big plans for today!???
I'm making an ice cream fountain.

7:46 AM  
Blogger The "Mind" said...

You know, up until a few weeks ago I though I was the only person who had ever failed as the tooth fairy. Then my friend Cece blogged about it. And as people commented I found out I was the only "bad" parent out there who neglected their tooth fairy duties.

$5...man, I'm sending my kids to your house.


9:10 AM  
Anonymous Jacque said...

I've nearly forgotten but haven't so far. I did almost get busted while being the tooth fairy.

I'm constantly dipping into J's piggy bank for pizza money, babysitter...you name it. It's like the on the spot ATM!!!!

11:24 AM  

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