Monday, July 23, 2007

Watch out ... inflated ego ahead

Yesterday in church, I had TWO ... yes, TWO solos. Two. I couldn't believe it. It was fun. I love to be in the spotlight. Yes. I do. I will readily admit it. But don't praise me because I don't know how to handle that. Seriously. I would rather just sing my heart out and have NOone say something to me, than have someone lavish me with praise.

One of the things that I love about singing (and this goes for ANYone who can sing) is the fact that people have no idea that a certain person can sing or not.

Like take Matt Powell, Robin's husband. I hear he has an awesome voice. I would NEVER expect it from him because he is very reserved and laid back. And I hear that Carly is following in his footsteps (I have heard her first-hand; she does have unbridled talent there).

This kind of stuff just makes me gooey inside for some reason. I loved Kevin Spacey before, but when I found out that he could dance, act, AND sing, I was smitten. Head over heels in love.

And Ewan McGregor. He is one of those "yeah... he's a grungy looking dude from Scotland" but then he opens his mouth in Moulin Rouge, and dude ... I am melted ice cream. I just love him.

So yesterday... now I'm not saying that I melted this person into ice cream because, well, I don't resemble Ewan McGregor at all. But today, I saw our doctor. He and his family have started to go to our church. It was a surreal experience to see him in the hallway. I felt kind of ... strange. Thank goodness I have never had to drop my drawers for the man. He is our age (later 30s) and has a drop-dead, cuter than a button wife.

I'm a SUCKER for tall men. And he is tall. And he just has this boyish quality about him. The Mominator sees the other doc in the practice, and the first time she saw our doc, she said "what's up with Doogie Howser?"

Our doc has seen our kids since the Door Man was a baby. So he has been through the Man and then the Monkey and my pregnancy with the Monkey. Needless to say, we have seen him a lot.

Now he saw ME in a different light. When we were finished singing Adonai (the feature offertory music), I walked off the platform and left through the side door, right next to him. His mouth was literally open. He just sat there and said "I had NO idea. I just ... wow. I mean.... just.... wow!"

Thank you very much. A high compliment .... and now I am a different person in his eyes. No longer am I me, the mother of the three kids who he swabs for strep tests. No longer am I me, the woman who has bursitis (who really SHOULD go back and see him again because she is in pain). No longer am I me, the one who had gall bladder problems after the birth of the Man.

I am now me, the Diva.

yeah. Right.



Blogger aleta said...

Way to go!!! I would have loved to hear you sing...You will never hear me singing ever...Everyone would be staring with their mouths open wide in surprise but only because I would sound sooo bad... Yes I am that bad!!

12:08 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Yay, YOU! I love divas, dontcha know! Cool story. I remember the day it hit me that I was only seen as someone's mom...isn't it cool when someone is prompted to add something to our resume? Wish I could hear you.

12:27 AM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

Thanks, you two.

Seriously, I hate it when I sound like I am bragging...

Aleta, I doubt that you are bad!!!

And yes, it is nice to come out from behind the persona of someone's mom and actually show people that there was a person before these kids were popped out of my body.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

You ARE a diva girlie..
now don't go running off with my hubby because he can sing..oh wait a minute, he isn't nevermind!
Jacque already told him to quit eyeing her cookies..ha ha!
Sorry I missed you..hate that! Always in church but of course I missed yesterday, the day you sang twice!
I hear you are multi-talented..even good at puppets..of course, that is probably only a rumor...

7:37 AM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

Not only are people jealous of my mad-pickin' skilz, they are also jealous of my puppet-moving skilz.

And it isn't your hubby's cookies that I'm eyeballin'... you're the tall one of the family. Wink wink.

Missed ya!

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Jacque said...

Enough talk about cookies already!!! My face is three shades of red from embarrassment!!!

Sorry I missed hearing you!

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rock on, err. Wait. Rock ... church? Nope, doesn't add up.

Praise on with your bad self! There we go, much better.

Good job! I haven't been brave enough to get up and sing in front of people since junior high.

12:36 PM  

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