Thursday, April 20, 2006

Queen Bee, the Brownie

Queen Bee is a Brownie. She has loved being in this program, and I know it has been a lot of fun for her. She has a meeting tonight, a nature walk, at our local park. She is excited. Door Man wanted to know why he couldn't go, and I had to inform him that the operative word in the word Girl Scouts was GIRL. He then responds that he wishes HE was a girl so that he could go. Ahhhh... the makings of the next Truman Capote.

But seriously, Door Man is all boy. He says things like "can I see what your poop looks like?" and "smell my feet." What is it about the brain of a little boy that just allows these things to filter through and reach their lips? Oh yeah... they are men in the making. Why should I expect my five year old to be any different than my 35 year old? I live in a world of delusions.

And you know what? I went to bed last night, winning something on Ebay, something that really would hold NO interest to anyone but myself. I was confident that I had it in the bag with only three hours left. I went to bed at midnight, expecting to be the proud owner of the item.

Woke up this morning, and wouldn't you know? That dreaded email was sitting right there in my email box. This really was nothing stellar. But now it is nothing stellar in someone else's home. Thanks a lot, you sniper.

I have a Pampered Chef party to go to tonight. It should be a night full of entertainment.

Maybe I should just rename this blog ... I seem to be doing a lot of griping. I am not a griping kind of person. Really. Just ask Ace. No wait, don't ask him. Ask my kids. No wait.. don't ask them either. Ask any random checker at our local Wal Mart. I don't think they know me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet pea, you gripe on friend...I was oh so sick this am..Matt gone, totally depressing. Ugh. Life of a single parent? No thanks. Better now, going to teach last class in a few..need tomorrow night SO bad. Had to testify in court today...not a good day to be a social worker.
Carry on friend..carry on. Meeting Christie for lunch tomorrow, interested?
Talk to ya later..

6:06 PM  

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