Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TT # 8

Afer compiling this list, there is a definite pattern. I love men with deep, strong voices, dark hair, dark eyes, and men who can sing. Not too bad of a list, I don't think.

Thirteen Men I Find To Be Very Yummy


Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs. I have just really started watching this show, and now I tune in every week just to watch Mike. AND ... he is an OPERA singer. Oh man... there was one episode in a candy store where he started singing ... and he is a bass (ETA: one of my visitors has pointed out that he believes Mike to be a baritone, so I stand corrected)... oooooo... weak in the knees, I tell ya!


Ewan McGregor. Mmmmm.... I love to be surprised by an actor. I love to find out that he is a triple threat. And that is exactly what Ewan proved to me in Moulin Rouge. He can sing. He can dance. And he can act. And he sings. Did I mention that he sings. He's just not your young Ben Kenobi anymore!


Kevin Spacey. Oh yeah. Here is another triple threat. I didn't particularly care much for the movie where he played Bobby Darin in "Beyond the Sea." But I watched it to watch him sing and dance and act. Do you see a pattern here?


Harrison Ford. Notice that I used a younger picture of him. I am not particularly enamored of the older Harrison Ford, the one who dates Calista Flockhart. I LOVE the Harrison Ford of the 1980s. The Henry of Regarding Henry. The John Book of Witness. The Deckard of Blade Runner. The Jack Trainer of Working Girl.


Julian McMahon of Nip/Tuck. Mmmmmm...... and only a few short days until the season premier.


Dylan Walsh. Another Nip/Tuck entry ... there is just SOMEthing about him.


Pierce Brosnan. I have loved this man since he started playing the part of Remington Steele. His accent. Oh ... his accent.


Alan Rickman. Another European actor ... this man's accent is just so.... soothing. I loved him in Dogma. There was that scene at the end when he told Bethany that she was pregnant, and he put his hand on her belly .... oh, that was DIVINE!


James Earl Jones. Dude. Darth Vader, man. Golly ... his voice is SOOOOOOO sexy, and that just makes him a sexy man!


Sean Connery. Ok ... so that makes it one Scot and two Irishmen. Or is Ewan Scottish, too? Well, it IS my heritage. Sean Connery is just so wonderfully yummy ... oh man.


Hugo Weaving. Strange one, maybe. But I fell in love with his voice in V for Vendetta. We never once saw his face (I know what he looks like), but his voice... who couldn't love it? Of course, he is more well-known as Mr. Smith in The Matrix movies, and he isn't so nice in those. But that voice in that movie...


Keanu Reeves. I am not a HUGE fan of his, but when he wears these glasses and that duster coat, or the black turtleneck in The Matrix movies, I go weak in the knees. But he is AWFUL darn cute in this photo:

because I think he looks an awful lot like the German exchange student who lived with my family for a year ... after his haircut, though.


Tom Hanks. Saved the best for last. I just love him. I have always loved him. He could play a cow, and I would go see the movie. He is the epitome of a man to me.

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Blogger Mandy said...

I agree with almost every one of your choices...and the show Dirty Jobs - I'm completely 100% fascinated with it...Great list!

11:18 PM  
Blogger Tug said...

Now how am I supposed to visit other 13's? I could spend all night here!! nummers.............

Mine's up!

11:19 PM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

I love "Dirty Jobs"... only because of Mike Rowe! He's hot!!! And I had no idea he could sing! I must have missed the singing episode... OH, he's just too hot.
(And James Earl Jones... his voices touches my soul!)
Happy T13!

11:24 PM  
Blogger MysteriousLady said...

7 & 12 could drop their shoes under my bed anyday!

11:25 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

MMMM Very nice 13 this week!! :) Some eye candy for the ladies. The ladies thank you!

Thanks for coming by Snarkypants! Have a great Thursday.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Bellezza said...

I like "tall, dark and handsome" the best too, but you picked other men than would have first come to my mind. I think I like very rugged men; Colin Farrell in Miami Vice comes to mind. However, I don't mind pondering the issue a little further. Great idea for a Thursday; or, any day for that matter.

11:27 PM  
Blogger PresentStorm said...

Oh yeah!!1 I am all over Keanu... Man he is hot... The others...well not so much my type. Although I do love Darth's voice

11:28 PM  
Anonymous guppyman said...

Oh boy.... a bunch of women in heat over here....

I will take my absence from your list as only an oversight on your part, and let it slide.....

11:30 PM  
Blogger NOLADawn said...

Oh yeah, I may be revisiting here often :)

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Kelli said...

Love #3 and 5! Thanks for stopping by my space! Happy TT!

11:33 PM  
Blogger Southern Girl said...

Oooo, good list! I did so love Harrison Ford...until Calista Flockhart sullied him. :( And I'm a big fan of Pierce Brosnan and Tom Hanks, too. :)

Thanks for visiting my TT!

11:40 PM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

I LOVE Dirty jobs!!!!!!!!!
I love your list also!

11:41 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Well, thats just a Yum-fest. I agree with oh so many of those. Especially Ewan. MMMMMMmmm, yea...he'll do! :)

Thanks for stopping by my 13!

11:50 PM  
Blogger Shandra said...

I think I am the only one on the planet that does not watch dirty jobs. I will have to check it out to see this guys hotness in action.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Missi said...

I ADORE this list!! They are all yummy!! How am I ever going to get to sleep tonight now? LOL

Great TT!!!!

Thanks for visiting!

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Suzy said...

Love your list...especially #1!! He's my fave...and then there's Matthew McConahey....I know I messed his spelling up. lol

Great list!

12:24 AM  
Blogger Awesome Mom said...

I love love Alan Rickman too! Colin Firth is my number one hottie though.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous LaDonna said...

Love Keanu! *drool* Great list!

Happy TT!

1:19 AM  
Blogger Tess said...

2, 7, & 10 for sure - #8 - was he in "Sense and Sensibility?" anyways.

Thanks for visiting me today!

1:47 AM  
Blogger Tina said...

I won't exactly use the term "yummy", but I have to agree that Keanu Reeves is FINE. :)

I like Sean Connery too, especially in LXG. :D

1:59 AM  
Blogger mar said...

Oh, what a delightful TT, great taste (I couldn't agree more!) but I have a weakness for Keanu Reeves, Alan Rickman ( I have only watched the HP movies because of HIM) and Tom Hanks. Happy TT!

2:18 AM  
Blogger bernie said...

I'm a guy and I like 12 on your list.

I have mine up at TT - 13 Viruses Thursday

3:02 AM  
Blogger Tink said...

You've got taste... Yummy indeed! My list could be very much alike, although Robbie Williams will always be my favourite!
Thanks for visiting my TT!

3:40 AM  
Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

I haven't seen any of those movies but they really sure look yummy.
Thanks for stopping by.

4:36 AM  
Blogger MommyBa said...

They are funny but they're good looking too :)

Happy Thursday!

4:44 AM  
Blogger Nathalie said...

Oh, nice list! Quite old men though...hahahahaha, don't hit me :D

Have a great thursday!

6:04 AM  
Blogger Duchess said...

ok, this made my morning! I think a huge poster of our favorite 13 men would be an idea thing to have. I will post to my holiday wish list. Glad to find your blog!

6:46 AM  
Blogger JerseyTjej said...

OOOH, baby! What a list! i have to agree with all of the choices! Especially Sean C..he makes my knees knock!

7:40 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

I LOVED this list! I agree with everyone you listed, except the ones I don't know, but they look cute. Great list!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Tee-T said...

Ahhh..what a delicious post to inhale the first thing this morning! I love those dark-headed guys too - whether they can sing or not. I loved the comment about Tom Hanks playing a cow...hahaha...I agree. I love anything he does.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

You are freaken hilarious! Got to give an amen to Harrison and the boys from NT. Too lame to do TT today girl, but so enjoyed yours! Love Hanks, but James Earl Jones? May have to just talk to him on the phone..ha ha ha!

7:45 AM  
Blogger Hails said...

yum yum and yum again!

Great TT!

Thanks for visiting me!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Incog & Nito said...

Mmmm Ewan and Keanu - great list - this will be a hard to follow!!!

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Ok woman, can you help me out? I posted a TT..
thanks, you can send your bill over later!
Love you lots girlie!

8:16 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Tom Hanks would definately be my best too! Interesting that you are attracted to guy's voices, I never considered this as a trait until I met my husband. Now I won't ever go back.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Jenny Ryan said...

Mike Rowe is AWESOME!!

My favorite episode is when he has to help herd ostriches!

8:41 AM  
Blogger Pass The Torch said...

At first I thought it said "who I find to be very funny" and I'm looking at the list, thinking "yummy"!


Thanks for commenting on my TT.

Home of Pass the Torch Tuesday

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Denise said...

#5 is a beautiful man!!!! *drooling*

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Charmed1 said...

Julian McMahon makes my heart stop and Sean Connery? Sexiest old man alive! His voice alone is enough to make me melt... Awesome list!

Thanks for coming by! Happy TT!

9:45 AM  
Blogger Natsthename said...

OMG we have THE SAME taste in men. I secretly love Mike Rowe and it's the reason I watch Dirty Jobs. He's hilarious and self-deprecating and TOTALLY GORGEOUS! Sometimes you can catch him on HGTV specials, too! BONUS! ;) Alan Rickman...ahhhh...sooooo sexy!

10:05 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

I'll agree with 1, young 4, 7!!!!, 8 and 10. Loved Pierce since Remington and I just loved, loved, loved his James Bond...that part was so written for him...right after Sean. ;)

10:11 AM  
Blogger Zeus said...

Hmph! These guys have nothing on me! I'm way more cute and adorable than James Earl Jones or Hugo Weaving! Pfft! They don't even fur, and I bet they don't purr like I do!

I feel very inadequate now....

Happy Thursday to you and thank you for visiting my site today!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Wicked Witch said...

Rickman does it for me. I am also really into the guy on Law and Order SVU. Grrrr

10:18 AM  
Blogger FrogLegs said...

#9 is my absolute favorite!! the voice... just fab! :) Happy TT!

10:20 AM  
Anonymous colleen said...

I misread the header line and thought it said Funny instead of Yummy. I realized on photo number 3 that something wasn't quite right and went back to read the correct word. Hunks! Remember that word?

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Stacy said...

Well, this was just wonderful to look at this morning - lots of gorgeous guys!

Great list!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Heather Smith said...

Great list! I'm a huge fan of Keanu Reeves and Sean Connery myself!

10:40 AM  
Blogger Nikkie said...

Now this is a list I could look at a while!

11:02 AM  
Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Love your list!

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Nice! Lovely hot men. I think Keanu is so NICE!

11:16 AM  
Blogger Dane Bramage said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Dane Bramage said...


My T13 is up. It is my ninth and it's the Elemental Edition.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

I'm a big Nip/Tuck fan- I can never decide with Doctor I like best... definitley a yummy list!

11:33 AM  
Blogger Tina said...

I love love love #s 2, 4, 5, 7 10. If you haven't seen The Matador with Peirce Brosnan, rent it! He's slightly overweight in it (by moviestar standards) but oh-so-FANTASTIC!

11:36 AM  
Blogger d.challener roe said...

My fiancee drools over Mike Rowe...

She says it's ok though since he and I have the same last name...although he spells his wrong. Are you sure he's a bass? I thought he was a baritone...

My very special 13 is up.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Cheysuli said...

Luscious list...

12:27 PM  
Blogger PixiePincessMom said...

Now that is a yummier list than mine! Love 2, 4 & 10.

Thanks for visiting mine. :-)

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Christina said...

Wonderful list and I agree with a lot of your choices! I also love dark hair and deep voices. James Earl Jones' voice just makes me want to melt!

Thanks for the visit today :)

12:46 PM  
Blogger kaye said...

am so glad to see Keannu Reees on your list.I like him.And i do watch Dirty Jobs too!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I've loved Julian McMahon ever sice I saw him on Charmed. Of course all the James Bond men, and my favorite Keith Urban who's married to what's her name! LOL!
All great men to look at!
Happy Thursday!

12:52 PM  
Blogger Courtney said...

That's the best photo I've ever seen of Tom Hanks. I don't normally think of him as "hot" but he looks good in that photo. Thanks for visiting me today :)

1:43 PM  
Blogger The "Mind" said...

Oh, I have to agree with you on so many of your choices. I'm a tall, dark and handsome lover myself. Even better, is when tall, dark and handsome is accompanied by blue eyes. *Purrrr*

Mike Rowe. He IS yummy.

Julian McMahon. I happen to think P looks a bit like him. Yeowza!

Pierce & Sean. The only Bonds worth watching. Love their other work, too. And Sean, I mean how sexy can "old" be?

James Earl Jones. He's from Michigan. This is CNN. LOL!

Keanu. As if he needs any explanation. Dude! I'd like to be his righteous babe. LOL!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Nice eye candy!!!

2:31 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

My favorite of those is Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks. Great list.

My TT is up.

2:39 PM  
Blogger pupski said...

Ewan is Scottish! I love Alan Rickman too - he has an incredibly sexy voice - oh and those eyes....

2:58 PM  
Blogger YellowRose said...

Ewan, Sean, Pierce, Harrison, Keanu...OH MY!!!! Talk about eye candy! I enjoyed drooling, I mean reading your 13!!

Happy TT, thanks for stopping by the garden today!

2:59 PM  
Blogger Just Expressing Myself said...

Ewan was fantastic in Moulin Rouge. Nice list o' eyecandy there.
Have not seen Dirty Jobs yet, but hear a lot about it from friends who love it.
Take care,

3:22 PM  
Blogger Vicky said...

I totally agree with Kevin Spacey and Sean Connery being on your list!! Some interesting choices!!

3:27 PM  
Blogger Leanne said...

Totally with you on Tom Hanks!

Congrats on being selected as the newbie of the week at the Hub!

3:35 PM  
Blogger Happy Mama to Three said...

Hunka Hunka Burning Love Indeed.


5:14 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

You get 13 nods of agreement with me! And I'm totally with you on Hugo Weaving...I found his voice mesmerizing in V for Vendetta!

6:27 PM  
Anonymous anneberit said...

What a great list of men! #5 and 8 would so be on my list as well. :D

6:33 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

I can go along with most of your list. But, it was missing David Duchovny. I'm not sure who I would bump, though. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

6:35 PM  
Anonymous kristarella said...

I agree - I lurve Tom Hanks! I was watching some of You've Got Mail. It's so weird because he reminds me so much of my husband in that movie. They actually look a lot alike. I'll have to find a picture of the two and prove it :)

7:06 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Yay! You love Tom Hanks too! Thanks for the encouraging words about the pastor search on my site! I am hopeful!

7:23 PM  
Blogger LuluBunny said...

I loved your list!

I'd be willing to arm wrestle for rights to four of them ;P

7:33 PM  
Blogger Pass The Torch said...

I think you win the award for longest Mr. Linky;)

Thanks for the story you left in my comments. That was awesome. And nearly Zen;)

8:09 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

I think Mr. Linky is going to charge me for this one!

Thanks to everyone! And thanks to the TT crew for choosing my site this week! I appreciate it!

8:14 PM  
Blogger something blue said...

Ewan oh yes! I love everything he's done.

8:28 PM  
Blogger The Merry Rose said...

thx for the visit. i definately agree with you on at least most of these guys - although i am not convinced on TH - sorry. Now Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery - now those accents and personality are just legendary! :-)

8:52 PM  
Blogger EmilyRoseJewel said...

Very eccletic list, the guy from Dirty jobs wouldn't have thought about, but is handsome, James Earl Jones, very interesting, great voice though! Thanks for stopping by.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

Great TT idea. Though I'd prefer Matthew McConaughey and Vin Diesel!

12:58 AM  
Blogger Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great TT!

I agree with your comments about Harrison Ford. I would have to put Liam Neeson on that list. He's got a great voice and I think he can sing too! Did you forget about him?

Congrats on being featured and thanks for visiting me!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Trish said...

Mmmmm accents... yummers. :)

Happy TT!
Thanks for visiting mine.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Vera said...

love your list, not too bad at all.
when i'm bored at work, maybe i'd scoot over to your blog just to look at those pictures again :)

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Love your choices!

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Wolfbernz said...

I am 6'5" tall, short dark hair, dark brown eyes and athletic but Oh well I just can't
great list!
Thanks for stopping by.

1:27 PM  
Blogger xiant said...

Mike Rowe is one of my favorite too! I have four boys and began watching the show to be with them but now I can't stop because I think MR is so cute and darn funny! Great idea for a post!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Jersey Girl said...

My husband meets all that criteria, except the singing one! Trust me on the singing one! LOL

2:52 PM  

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