Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Calling the Queen Out

All right. Door Man is feeling fine. He is actually getting on my last nerve because he wants to go out and play. He also wanted a big bowl of macaroni and cheese I made using Rachael Ray's recipe. We LOVE it. It is the best. But he wanted it, and I knew that he couldn't stomach it, so I had to listen to a six year old, crying at the table about how he wanted, no he NEEDED a bowl. I told him to eat three more bites of his ABC soup I made for him, and he could barely handle that.

So I decided that I could blog.

I am blogging to call out my friend, Christie.

You see, Christie was crowned Queen of the Crop this past weekend. That means that she submitted a page to be judged, and she won. We won't get into the details of how much work was put into it by another interested party because I can well imagine the controversy that caused on the way home.

Being crowned Queen of the Crop is quite the honor. This means that she has won free admission to the next Queen that she attends. I am INSANELY jealous, but I have already started saving my moulah for that trip. I will have to take out a small business loan to also make Crop a Doodle Do, but that is ok.

But the reason I am calling her out is because she has not updated her blog since the end of October. I don't mind that she doesn't post every week. Or every two weeks. Shoot, once a month is fine with me.

But when you win such an honor, Christie ... I EXPECT to see that winning layout!!!!! So get on it, girl!

And if you all want to go egg Christie on, just click here to see her blog.


Anonymous Robin said...

FOR REAL my sister...
the queen promised she would update, but told me not to hold my breath..
told her that I would have been dead by now if I would have done that....

7:41 AM  

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