Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Red Man Walking

Last night we decided to let the Queen skip her dance class and take the kids to see Santa and the Mrs. downtown. It is a nice little night for the kids with a visit with the Big Red Man and his wife, free hot chocolate (you are more than welcome, Robin!), and a horse-drawn wagon ride through town.

It is, on the average, around 40 to 50 degrees lately. So who wouldn't go on a night like last night?

The kids were beyond thrilled that they were going. We had our lists in hand, but when it came time to get on the Man's lap, the Door Man clammed up. He wouldn't talk. He had to hand Santa his list because he couldn't utter the words that were written there. He had even signed his list so Santa would know it was him.

The Queen, on the other hand, rattled her list off like an old pro. "I want Lincoln Logs ... but not that Wilderness One you brought that one time, a different one, and a Nintendo Gameboy Advance ... not the DS because my Dad said the Advance has better games."

Out of the Monkey's mouth was "a box of Barbies." She had to give her wish list to the Mrs. though because Santa's lap overfloweth with the older two. I am not certain that the Monkey really wants a box of Barbies... I think that was the translation that Mrs. Claus gave the conversation.

The Mrs. was having a hard time understanding the concept of K-nex. "Is that like Lincoln Logs?" she queried. The child who was having to explain to her what K-nex really are looked like he was starting to lose faith that his message would be conveyed correctly to the Big Man, so he just turned to Santa and said "I want some K-nex, Santa. She doesn't seem to understand what they are."

The horse ride was very nice, except for the grand whiffs of extremely sweaty horse bodies wafting back to us at different intervals. I totally felt sorry for those horses as we started off ... one of them lost footing and slipped. I am sure if that horse could talk, he would tell a certain few of us to get the heck off of his wagon and walk ourselves just for the exercise factor.

It was very nice, and a nice surprise to be able to spend some of that with friends. I was hoping that we would catch a glimpse of Robin's happenin' Holiday party group, and we got more than that. Robin and I couldn't stop laughing the entire wagon ride. And I am convinced that Robin's older daughter is going to be our town's next mayor because she even knew the short order cook at our local burger joint.

Hopefully the kids will cherish this memory, and the Queen can get over the public embarassment of the picture being taken in front of Juvie Court. I think she's forgotten about it .. for the time being.


Blogger The "Mind" said...

I see that picture rearing it's ugly head at her graduation. Or maybe her 21st birthday? LOL!

K'nex rock. Having boys, we have TONS of them. Seriously...there are two gigantic rubbermaid totes filled with K'nex (and there are the random ones strewn across the basement floor that never seem to get picked up). And as much as K'nex hurt to step on, they rock when compared to Legos in that department.

My kids no longer want to go see Santa. *sigh*

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

So laughing right now..you captured this brillantly.
I laughed all night thinking about that horse slipping and falling.
Carly, waving at the Wilson man. Too much, too much.
Happnin' holiday party..FER SURE!!!!!!!!!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous local girl said...

That Christmas wish list is so funny! That's pretty good that the Mrs. actually took a real interest in what your daughter was saying, even if she didn't understand her.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

love the picture! it should totally be a date night photo, 'here we are just before/after going to see santa'

FYI - alot of people don't know this, but the DS will play gameboy advance games. I personally would recommend the DS, with her being older. She won't grow out of it as fast.

5:11 PM  

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