Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I am very active in my church. I am in choir, I sing on a special vocal group once or twice a month, and as of now, I am the main director of the KinderChoir (God grant me the strength).

I also have a full time job and a part time job. I have three kids.

So when we get these directives from troop leaders (there is only one person I am speaking of right now as the Queen is the only person actively involved in any troops) to help out more, to do this or do that, I get a little pi**ed off.

Ok. I get a LOT pi**ed off.

Brownie Day Camp is coming up at a local park. $ 20 for them to take my kid off my hands for 2 days in a row from 9 to 3. Nirvana. I was going to sign the Monkey up for Safety Town during that session, but won't be able to pull that one off since I have to be at an orientation the first day of the Monkey's programming. So I will be sending the Queen off.

Then we get an email from this troop leader. Now ... don't mind the fact that I personally cannot stand this woman, that I can't stand either one of her bratty daughters (and I NEVER call kids brats unless they are totally deserving of the title ... they are products of their mother's obnoxiouness ... ok. That makes me feel better). She has been a good leader in the fact that she is consistent. She holds consistent meetings, but she also has help from two other mothers and the occasional help from some other moms who have volunteered in the past (me included).

The email is detailing the issues of Brownie Day Camp. The leaders have asked that 2 adults for every troop needs to be in attendance. So this troop leader suggests that people take a day off of work to help.

Ok. A day off of work for me calls for me getting a babysitter all day for my kids. I just don't do that. Should I? It won't hurt them. But you know what ... there are people in that troop who CAN'T take time off of work to attend a Brownie Day Camp. Am I one of them? I consider myself so, yes.

But then I am viewed as the person who never volunteers. The person who just uses the system for my DD to be a part of it, but never giving back to it because nobody is ever there to look at my other volunteering opportunties to see that I am taxed to the max.

There are moms there who have never done a thing. They drop off and pick up only. You never hear them volunteer. Target them. Go for our county auditor ... she hasn't done jack sh**.

Can you tell I'm a little bitter about this?

I want the Queen to be a part of this group because she loves it. She has a good time. But there are times when parents just need to be LEFT alone and not brow-beaten into submission to volunteer. Some of us just simply can't do it anymore.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know how grateful I was that the boys never even finished up a year in Cub Scouts? I volunteered to help with meetings and what a PITA it was. I work easy hours, so I thought what the hell...big mistake. Never again.

Don't feel guilty, do what you can, but don't knock yourself out when no one else helps out.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Robin said...

I agree with you mer. Events for children to be in is to get the children away from home and parents... to let them develop a little independence without mom and dad learking over their sholder. You like many other mothers are a very busy woman, and you volunteer your time when it is best for you and your family...Not when it is more convenant for some other mother who will most likely raise a brow anyway.. to anybody.

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