Wednesday, July 25, 2007

T Minus One Day

Well, tomorrow we take off for the Deliverance country of west central Kentucky to spend some quality time with my inlaws.

See where this is going, people?

Here's the list of fun they have planned for us:

A trip to a place called Kentucky Down Under ... WOO HOO. At least it isn't another trip to Dinosaur World. I'm not kidding ... there IS such a place. And once you have been through it once, you don't need to do it again. We've been through it... twice. And this is 45 minutes from my inlaws place.

It really is just the LAST thing I want to do when I have traveled well over 8 hours to get there to then turn around and get RIGHT back in my van and travel back the same way we came to go do things. It is just ... I don't know... asinine?

THEN we are going to spend an evening at their county fair.

That is the part that scares me the most. Deliverance country ... county fair.

And then we will spend a day on their boat, fishing. The Man HATES to fish, and the Monkey hates fish. It is an excellent combination. So keeping them entertained on a boat that has a bucket to pee in .... 100 percent pure family fun right there!

And if you are wondering, yes, Ace WILL read this post. I can guarantee it. And yes, it will tick him off. Let him get his own blog ...


Anonymous A-Country-Mom (formerly Stephanie) said...

You need to vent too. Let him get a blog and vent.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

YeeHAWWWWW! I can so feel your pain! What else can you do but try to turn this into something sarcastic? It is how we cope. Hang in there and distract yourself by cataloguing the whole trip for your next posts...I can't wait to read them.

9:41 AM  

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