Thursday, August 16, 2007

Those phone calls you hate getting ... and a phone call you don't expect to get

The Godfather theme rings on my cell phone. It is more ominous than normal...

Hello mother.

Have you talked to your sister?

Earlier this afternoon... why?

Have you talked to her since her accident?


Well, I don't know .... I was outside when she called on her cell phone. She said she was hit when someone turned right in front of her. Dad is taking her to the ER. She has a cut and a bump, so she's going to get checked out.

My poor sister. When she was on her way home from visiting me when the Queen was born, she and my niece got into a pretty bad, one-car accident. She hydroplaned on an exit ramp and smashed her backend (thank goodness) into a cement girder. The car was totalled.

This car that she was in yesterday ... the car she got to replace the one she totalled. And she owned it. And now she doesn't anymore.

My Mom called back to let me know she had talked to my Dad, who said Mini Martha was being checked out, and was "checking out ok." She was set to be released soon.

I was in the bathroom, getting ready to go to teach class last night and my phone rang again. I was hoping it was the Odd Couple theme (MM's music). It wasn't.

It was My Old Kentucky Home.

You got it .. my MIL was calling.

I handed the phone over to Ace. And here's how the one-sided convo went.

Hi there. Pause. Well, from what we know, she has a cut and a bump, but is still in the ER..... LONG pause. How did YOU find out about her accident?

It seems that my MIL loves to troll the online version of our local paper. And they had ALREADY reported my sister's accident (along with my sister's age ... we laughed about that later).

So when I finally reached MM, who was walking out of a grocery store with her pain med Rx, I told her that my MIL sent her best wishes.

MM about peed her pants.

WHAT? How did SHE find out?

So I read her the newspaper blurb. And she found out more about the girl who hit her ... like how she is 17, only had her learner's permit, and was driving without her required licensed driver.

All in all, the accident was not too serious, but from the looks of MM's car, it was REALLY serious. Her car is toast, and she is bummed out about that.

And as for my MIL and that online newspaper thing .... remind me to never do anything that will get me landed in the Daily Docket.



Anonymous Robin said...

Yikes! Her car looked TERRIBLE!!! Glad she is ok!
so crazy how you found out!
alternate universe?

7:44 AM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

I know ... her car looked awful, and she took it all on her side. And the thing was ... MM said she was the ONLY traffic coming. And she was in plain view of the other vehicle.

It just seems that people aren't paying as much attention anymore ..

7:50 AM  
Blogger The "Mind" said...

OMG, now that is freaky that your MIL is trolling the daily docket. LOL!

11:08 AM  

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