Friday, April 21, 2006

This damn street

I love the convenience of the area we live in ... the East Side of town where most of the conveniences are. However, I HATE the street we live on. It is a secondary street, but it is VERY busy, and people don't care if they are speeding past your house or not. We live right near a curve, so that slows down some of the traffic going west, but the ones going east... they have this open area where they just haul ass. AND our sidewalk, thanks to the lovely city engineers is about 2 feet from the street. My older two, of course, respect it. I just don't let the Monkey in the front yard for fear that she will bolt at any given moment.

And then there are the emergency vehicles. Not that they come down this way all the time, they do use it some and THAT is really nice. And you know when it happens? 11:00 at night. I think that the local ambulance service has a memo they pass around ... hey ... you need to go down that street at LEAST two times in the next two weeks to hit our quota. The residents are getting too comfortable.

Speaking of sidewalks and the city engineers, we have this really cool looking monstrosity about three blocks down that looks like a blind contractor put it in for the city. It curves and winds ALL over the place. Ace talked to someone from the city about a few years ago, and he was told that they HAD to do it that way because it was along the river bank and they ran into a lot of rocks and trees and things. Well here's a suggestion: don't put in the sidewalk. Seriously ... that takes the impetus off the people across the street to put in their own walks. WE had to do it; so should they!

Sidewalks and this town are a sore subject, one that is revisited at least 3-4 times a year. Who's going to repair it? Who's going to replace it? Who's going to put it in? Who really cares? I was salty when we got the notice that we had to install one because there is a completely WONDERFUL sidewalk across the street. Yeah... so what if they have to cross that traffic? The sidewalk actually starts at our house and goes about 3 blocks, and then ends. Don't ask me what the real purpose of putting that in was because I don't rightly know.

Well, I have about 1000 things to do before 9 am, so I suppose I should get cracking. I have to go read to the Door Man's preschool class this morning, get Queen Bee to school, and take some stuff over to the local college where I teach.

Later, dudes!


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