Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hell hath no fury like an insured scorned

Warning: many expletives flying off the computer screen....

Empire BC/BS ... I am calling you out, you freaking assholes.

How DARE you tell me that the only time you cover the cost of contact lenses is 12 months after cataract surgery?!??!?!!? Mother fuckers. Yeah. That is when your cataract patient is the TYPICAL 75 year old lady who is probably NEVER going to take you up on that offer because her intraocular lens implant works just fine and she doesn't need any more correction on her already fucking corrected eyes.

My SON.... my FU**ING FIVE YEAR OLD SON .... was SIX FU**ING WEEKS OLD when he had his cataract surgeries. And do you know what!?!?!?! They didn't follow FU**ING standard procedure with him. They didn't put those cute little lens implants in his eyes because they would have been worthless 2 months down the road. THAT, my fair fu**ing friends, is WHY he HAS to wear contacts.

These aren't your "ooooo I don't want to have to wear GLASSES" contacts. These are "where the hell am I? oh I don't have my contacts in so I can't see a DAMN thing because I have no human lens OR contact lens in my eyes to help me freaking FUNCTION!!!!"

Mother fu**ers.

You have NOT heard the last from me yet. This is only the tip of the iceberg, you assholes.

Tell me my child, who needs a prosthetic to FUNCTION, isn't worthy enough for your coverage ....

Asswipes. You are SOOO in trouble now. I'm gonna go all Tonya Harding on you!


Anonymous Robin said...

There is the Meredith I've grown to love...:) Fight the power girl..I think you should just show up on their doorstep with Evan at your side. Let them deny you then!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Susan Gets Native said...


A sweet, sweet rant. I loved it.
I found your blog through Self-Proclaimed Supermom.
And boy, do I have empathy for you. Been there.
My five-year old has had glasses since she was 6 months old. Those serious, I-need-these-because-I-can't-see-my-toys-at-all kind of glasses. The $400 kind of glasses. The kind that bend easily. We finally got a vision option and now they are 90% paid for.

12:14 AM  

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