Wednesday, June 07, 2006

And the walls came tumbling down

This morning, I go ruin someone's home. Today, I join 25 other women in the Women Build for Habitat for Humanity. I take off, armed with my hammer, safety goggles, and some triangular looking thing that I don't know how to use. Today, I am a drywall hanger.

Tonight there will be a story on the local news about the hopes and dreams of a single mother of two who works the night shift at a local large business being dashed to pieces due to the shoddy workmanship of a woman in a tye dye tshirt and jeans.

I will be sure to burn the clothing so noone can trace the story to me.


Anonymous Patrick said...

It would HAVE to be serious before you would ever consider burning any of your beloved tie-dye!

I am sure you ladies will do a terrific job, and the work(wo)manship will be superb.

Have fun!

10:26 AM  

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