Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I think he is a glutton for punishment

I didn't answer the call, and have yet to call him back, but the claims adminstrator with whom I spoke yesterday called me today. I have NO idea why. Maybe out of remorse. Maybe out of pity. Maybe to tell me that the name he gave me yesterday is the incorrect one, just in case I decide to hunt him down. I guess I should call him back.

And I do have to admit that the Jose Cuervos Margaritas helped me through the last portion of that phone call. I think I had to have something in my mouth in order to not yell expletives at this man. Either that or I just needed something mind-numbing so I couldn't really start to question how in the hell some of these people got through training.

I could probably send a chimpanzee and he would be more compassionate.

I have my well-worded letter written, and copies have been made of correspondences between myself and this asshole insurer.

Game on.


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