Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I rarely ask my kids this ... they are still too young to understand that there really is life past this childhood of theirs. However, Queen Bee is starting to cop a little bit of a clue, and the Door Man exclaims that he wants to work whereever he is at the moment. So far, the Door Man is going to be a construction worker, a bird watcher, and an employee at two local ice cream establishments where a majority of the employees are high school and young college aged girls. He ain't no dummy!

The Queen wants to be a lifeguard, an artist, and an inventor.

When asked what the Chandelier Monkey wants to be, her response was "a Princess." Who doesn't?

I joke about it, but I am not what I want to be when I grow up. I wanted to be a vet, but I chose to go to another school that had no pre-vet program when there is an excellent one here in my hometown. Would I want to do that now? No. However, I also wanted to be a nurse, and that small school I chose is an excellent nursing school. Did I do that? No.

I chose to go to law school. Why? I have NO idea. I guess I wasn't ready to "grow up" after college graduation because man, that took me by surprise, let me tell you. I was NOT ready to graduate. I was having WAY too much fun (and my GPA showed that sometimes!). So I decided ... let's just keep on going.

I didn't want an MBA. I didn't want to go to med school. So why not law school.

And you know what? I HATE, no I ABHOR the law. I hate it. I hate all its subtleties and the fact that everything is in a gray area and that EVERYthing can be argued. I can't stand that. As much as I like to argue with Ace, I hate the thought of publicly airing disputes. It is so ....
litigious. Yuck. Our society is SO quick to jump on the "I'm going to sue you" bandwagon. McDonalds and the hot coffee. Prisoners and their lawsuits over the fact that they didn't get the kind of toothpaste that they wanted, thereby subjecting them to cruel and unusual punishment during their incarceration. And don't even GET me started on the numerous sex discrimination in the workplace lawsuits.

Now, don't get me wrong. There is a time and a place for some of those complaints. But really ... some of these lawsuits make me scratch my head. And lawyers wonder why they have a bad name.

There are awesome attorneys out there, but then there are the bad ones. The ones you know should have been brought before their state's ethics committee right after they passed the bar.

I am ready for a change of profession. But .. what do I want to be when I grow up?

My dream ... to own a yarn store with a little coffee kiosk in it. My dream ... to be an OB nurse, without having to jump through all the hoops of having to do my time in the ER and the psych ward. My dream ... to make a difference in SOMEone's life.

So .... maybe I should go apply for that Juvie Probate Officer listed in today's paper.

Or maybe I should just save my money for that yarn store.


Blogger The "Mind" said...

Your post reminds me of my brother. When he was growing up he wanted to be a garbage man. Why? Because garbage men got to sort through other people's stuff and keep all the goodies. You see, our garbage men had a gigantic stuffed Pink Panther on their truck that they had dug out of someone's garbage and he thought that was so cool.

Two weeks ago the city was advertising for a garbage man and I cut it out of the paper and gave it to him as a joke.

I am so with you on the arguing thing. I no longer have it in me. I can't argue with stupid people over stupid stuff (I regularly get pissed off at my boss because he's an arguer and will bullshit his point, even though he has no clue what the hell he's talking about).

And I barely got through statistics because it was too ambiguous for my tastes. Dammit, 1 + 1 = 2, not sometimes 1.9 and sometimes 2.25. I mean really. Ugh.

I'm not what I wanted to be when I grew up either. I'm not even remotely close. I'd love something different, but who knows what. So here I stay.

1:32 PM  
Blogger jayne d'Arcy said...

I had one brother that wanted to be King of the garbage men for awhile. And then one day he had loftier aspirations; mom nearly choked when brother Jack asked her very seriously, "Can I be God?"

3:15 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

Oh my gosh!!!! God!! That is hilarious.

We have a lot in common, then. My brother, while not wanting to be a garbage man, invited the garbage man to lunch one day. And the garbage man took him up on his offer. This was back in the 60s .. you know, all that peace and love and stuff.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

I told you,I will be your partner. We can just buy the existing store and go for it! You can add the yarn..we can put in the coffee bar and the rest scrapbook stuff. Heaven I tell ya, heaven! We could kick ass here!
Obviously I have no idea what I want to do either, that's why I have so many jobs! Or, maybe it's fear of commitment on my part. I never want to commit totally to one job, so I keep my foot in all worlds. I love working, truly. From the outside, people probably think I am desperate for money, when really, I am desperately searching for something to hold my ADHD interest for more than three minutes.
Come see me today:)

7:44 AM  

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