Monday, September 18, 2006

Cleaning out the stuff

Ace and I have been looking for ways to eliminate the stuff in our lives. We are looking at our cable choices. Can we honestly live with basic cable?

Tell me about things you have chosen to take out that "stuff." Kelly is working on 30 Days of Nothing, and I always look forward to hearing how it is going for her family.

We have canceled our Blockbuster Online sub and my Napster sub. If I need a movie, I will rent one. But that "mailed to my door" thing. We just don't need that, and we really don't use it a lot.

I have majorly pulled the kids off of television, so we wouldn't really hear it too much from them. However, the adults are having a hard time giving up SciFi for Battlestar Galactica.

Ok. Who am I kidding? It is THIS adult who is having a hard time with it.

I could survive without Nip/Tuck.

But BG.... man. I don't know.

But then ... if it isn't there, then really ... what DO you miss?

I am waiting on a book from my friend, Melissa, about simplifying our lives. I hope to use it a lot because really ... my family has been overtaken with "stuff."


Blogger Pass The Torch said...

I am anxious to read what you learn from the book - it sounds like an excellent one!

We've been talking a lot oabout "stuff" lately. And it's revealed some interesting truths:

1. It's best for us to stay home (avoid stores).
2. If we ignore the urge to buy, it will pass.
3. When we choose to skip an impulse purchase, we find we don't miss it.

And with winter approaching, we're talking a lot about TV reception. We're considering splurging on a dish, but I still hold the hope that we can move our antennae so it works. We really only neeed about 4 channels. But we really NEEEEEED them for our Wisconsin winter!


10:40 AM  
Blogger CyberCelt said...

Here for C&C Monday. Here from pink diary blog.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Goofy Girl said...

I switched to basic cable and for whatever reason they couldn't get it right so right now I have 100 channels and HBO :D So maybe you'd be that lucky!!

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we all need to get rid of "stuff". We don't get all the "good" channels, but have survived.

I think tv keeps telling you that you can't survive without all these things, so you get them and then what. I know lots of people who NEVER use their blackbury's.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Great Day said...

growing up, I was always watching TV. especially with my dad, because that was ALL he did. It drives my mom crazy.

When I got married, there was no money for cable so we didn't get it. three and 1/2 years later and we still don't have it.

If there is something that we want to watch we do movies. Netflix is one thing I couldn't live without because a) I'm a huge movie buff and b) it's what I do when the baby has gone to bed and the chores have been done to unwind.

My husband and I recently decided that we would not buy any electronic items, or entertainment items for 1 year. If we can do that we will not only focus on getting rid of "stuff" but we won't add any more.

Sorry for being longwinded, good luck with your "stuff"

7:27 PM  
Blogger Tracey said...

I agree with stuff. Not only cable but now we pay for water (bottled), everyone in the family has a cell phone and there is cable and the monthly payment with people still complaining "there's nothing on."

We have gotten rid of Netflix, are cancelling the bottled water for an under the sink water purifyer, but I doubt that cabel will be going. (I have my eye on the cell phones, however.)

9:40 PM  
Blogger Happy0303 said...

I wish I could say that I could sacrifice all the extra comforts that I've gotten used to . . . but I can't. I don't think I'm strong enough. I give you both a lot of credit!

The Pink Diary

1:51 AM  
Blogger Holly said...

Incredible timing to find your post on this as I just started a series on the very topic! I'm finding some interesting ways to USE today's technology and gadgets to help me in my endeavor. Years ago my focus was how to trim them out. ;o)

Holly's Corner

2:54 PM  

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