Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You buy from my kid, I'll buy from yours

Ah yes. School fundraiser time. That time of year when you are so afraid to walk into an organizational meeting, or church, or the gym for fear that some rabid mother or pompous father is going to approach you and ask if you want to buy something from their kid. Worse yet is when they sick the actual KID on you. You know the one: the doe eyes, the ambitious quest of selling 180 items because they want that XBox, and the wherewithal that would put Ghandi on a hunger strike to shame.

Two of those packets came home today, and the kids exclaimed "FUNDRAISER TIME!!!"

I cringed. Literally.

Because not only will my kids be known as the obnoxious children who solicit, there will be other obnoxious, soliciting children soon.

That is why I believe we should all subscribe to the "I'll buy from your fundraiser if you buy from mine" mentality. It should be an unspoken promise, but one we enter into gladly and not with that feeling of "great ... now I gotta buy a $ 15.00 tin of popcorn from Johnny."

And I have a bone to pick with my PTO: WHY do you insist on participating in a fundraiser that does, indeed, dangle the XBox carrot in front of my second grader's nose? For only 180 measly items can this be a permanent fixture in my home. And you KNOW that Queen Bee wants it. Because Queen was top cookie seller in her troop last year. So she thinks she can do it again.

The bad thing is, I have to break it to Queen very gently that Girl Scout cookies and a $ 10 candle are two totally different things. You don't see too many people getting all frothy at the mouth for a vanilla scented candle. I HAVE seen people get all crazy-eyed when it comes to a box or two or ten of Thin Mints.

So .... let the fundraising games begin, and may the parents of these children maintain their sanity.


Anonymous Jenn said...

good luck with that. I refuse to pay those outrageous prices. However I will make a donation, which is tax deductable. They won't get their points, but I will get something in return at least.

so true about the cookies. Who doesn't by Girl scout cookies?

6:23 PM  
Blogger Bellezza said...

You should see the teacher (me) who has to try to collet all the envelopes. Put up with the assembly where the man is screaming with the kids over the prizes they can win. Buy something yourself or you seem like an unsupportive faculty member. Believe me, fundraisers stink for everyone all the way around.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Hi, How ya doing? I remember these fundraising sales...

I am a little early for TT but what the hey, I'm here to invite you to an art gallery opening. I have 13 paintings on display...come on over if you have some time!


2:13 AM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

Oh Bellezza... I can only imagine how much it irks the teachers, too while you have to remain supportive throughout the whole process for fear that you are going against the system. I would hate to think of all the headaches of the educators.

6:03 AM  
Blogger Elleoz said...

Isn't it insane the amount of crap they expect kids to sell? I haven't had to have that experience YET but I know that it is coming. And to make some kids feel bad because they didn't sell enough is plain cruel.

When do GS Cookies go on sale again? I love me some thin mints! Drama Queen is going to be a girl scout just for that reason! LOL

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loathe school fundraisers. In fact, I refuse to let my kids participate. Instead, I politely return the form with a check for $20, knowing full well that $20 is more money than the school would get from whatever crap they've commissioned my children to sell. And I don't have that crap hanging around my house collecting dust.

But Girl Scout cookies...bring 'em on! I bought from both the next door neighbor AND my friend's daughter (who happens to live 150 miles away). I'm a sucker for Thin Mints.

11:46 PM  

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