Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dear Mini Martha AKA Yo, sis

Dear MM:

While I love you dearly, please keep this in mind: the last time I checked, I am not the Avon representative, nor am I the Pampered Chef consultant.

I am your sister.

Yes, I have more of an opportunity to see the people to whom you and your daughter sold your wares. And I did deliver some of them yesterday. I have already apologized for not remembering to pick up your daughter's delivery and your delivery on my way to church this morning to deliver to my friends in choir. You see, I didn't sing in choir this morning as I have work that I needed to come home and work on after the first service. I have already explained that to you.

So when I make the comment that I am sorry that I didn't get YOUR items delivered to YOUR customers, and that it was easier for me to get it to them but that I didn't get it done, DO NOT AGREE WITH ME.

Instead, try this:

Stop beating yourself up, sis. You took the three deliveries to MY and MY DAUGHTER'S customers yesterday. That was a HUGE help to us. So really, it is absolutely NO problem that you didn't get OUR orders to OUR customers this morning because I do know that you are living a pretty hectic life right now between a full time job, three kids, and leaving on a large trip tomorrow for the holiday.

Really. That will go a lot longer way than the route you chose.


Blogger The "Mind" said...

Um, yeah, as if you don't have enough on your own plate.

I used to order PartyLite candles from my brother's ex-girlfriend. (AKA The Candle Twit...she's nice, but has too much going on and tends not to deliver items speedily. More like if you get your stuff within a month of when she gets them, you are lucky.)

Anyway Mom boarded her horse where The Candle Twit worked and that worked out pretty well, because Mom would bring me my stuff. But the last time The Twit even forgot to bring them there for two months. Grr.

I've started ordering PartyLite candles through eBay. I get them quicker.

12:24 PM  

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