Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kudos to Ace

Ace had an appointment this morning to have his blood drawn to follow-up on a high cholesterol reading.

First, kudos to Ace for voluntarily making the appointment. That is one less thing his mother will hound me about this weekend.

Second, kudos to Ace for not passing out.

Because he does do that. The last time he had his blood drawn, he passed out in the chair.

When I had my epidural for the Man and they couldn't find the right "spot" for it, I kept jumping when they would hit those "electric shock" nerves. I looked up and Ace was whiter than a sheet. I told him to sit down immediately, and asked the nurse to tend to him because of his inability to handle the sight of needles. I knew that the nurse understood, so she quickly took care of him. Of course, I was sitting there, hunched up over my pillow and the anesthesiologist is poking around MY back and making ME uncomfortable, and all I could think of was how my husband couldn't handle it.

This of course strengthened my belief that, if left to the male species to populate this earth, we would be an extinct species.

So poor Ace's reputation precedes him wherever he goes. And he will never be able to live it down, I don't think.

But he has overcome. He has persevered.

And I will look like the wife who made him do it, which will earn me points in his mother's book. But I will have to dispel that untruth, letting her know that he did it all on his own accord.

But it just dawned on me ... she won't give me the benefit of the doubt .. she will immediately think her son did it.

So kudos to you, Ace.


Anonymous local girl said...

How brave of him considering his fear of needles! Isn't it funny how men are supposed to be big and strong and yet they have a low tolerance for pain? Can you imagine them having to give birth? LOL!

2:21 PM  

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