Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oooooo.... I wish this had been around when I was pregnant!

I didn't come upon the world of organic food until Mini Martha went all vegan on me. But I did cloth diaper my last child and I loved EVERY. LAST. MINUTE. of it. I couldn't wait to reach for that next diaper, knowing that I wasn't filling the landfill with her diapers.

So how cool is this site: an organic baby shop. I seriously would have loved to have this resource available to me!

I know that some of the baby food makers have entered into the world of organic baby foods, but with markets nowadays really trying to focus more and more on that as a choice for their consumers, it still seems like baby foods and organic choices for your child aren't really there. And I am not the first one to admit that I would buy organic adult food and puree it to put in ice cube trays to freeze. That was my cousin, the pediatrician. Not me. I like the jars. So it is nice to see all of these choices centralized in one area.

I am going to have to forward this on to some online friends of mine who are expecting again, and I certainly will be sending this link to my niece, who is expecting her first baby at the end of January.

Oh man ... I wish I had seen this site before getting ready for my niece's shower for this weekend, too! There is a really cook pregnancy kit in there.

Well ... I will bookmark it ... because that baby won't grow up overnight.


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