Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ah yes.... spring break

This is the official start of the kids' spring break.

Ten glorious days at home.

Here's how it will go:

Day one: the older two will lie around for about 20 minutes, watching SpongeBob, get bored, and start asking when we are going to do something.

And then it will all go downhill from there. Quickly. Like a boulder off of Pike's Peak. And the noise will be about the same.

If I had been SMART, I would have taken some vacation time. But I like to horde my time until the end of the year when I can tick my manager off when I say things like "oh yeah... I have 15 days to use" in November.

And of course, this will be EVERYone's spring break in the area. So it isn't like we can sneak into someplace without having 10,000 other kids there, too. And one of the Queen's good friends (no, not chicken girl) has taken off and gone to Hilton Head for her vacation. I can always count on her mom literally taking the Queen for a whole day and even overnight because the girls have a blast together.

So maybe we will plan a little trip and stay somewhere.

And then again, maybe not. Who knows.

See how prepared I am?

Oh well. At least I KNOW where my kids will be for the next few spring breaks. I am NOT looking forward to the college trips. Oy vey. God grant me the strength. Do you think I can convince my kids that I am homeschooling them through college?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, the college spring breaks. I seriously have nightmares over Dreaded Teenager possibly going on one already. Gah!

And yeah, my kids are off this week too. And I can't take any time off, after having 2 weeks off just a week or so ago. And aren't I mean for going away for 10 days without the kids when their spring break is around the corner? Bad mommy. LOL!

Eh. Next year Pman would like to take the kids somewhere. The thought terrifies me. He's so not a good travel companion and he's even worse when the kids are with. *rolling eyes*

Enjoy your spring break.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

I haven't even decided if my kids are going to be allowed to go to
Totally, just dawned on me that umm the kids are off Monday, so I guess I will need to be off too. This week has come up much too quickly for me. Of course anytime I have to look at a whole week at home with children is too much for me. HA! Mine will be leaving Monday night and gone until later Wednesday. Thank you God for grandparents.

4:31 PM  

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