Thursday, May 17, 2007

You know it is going to be a good day when....

you go to the Post Office to mail off some things that you need to get out, and they tell you to evacuate the building because of a suspicious looking backpack.

I took off to mail some things yesterday. The Mominator came over to watch the younglings for me so I didn't have to take them with me. I had to get some stamps for her, mail off two paperback books, and two orders from my knitting business.

While I was standing in the 10-person deep line, there was some activity. As if they were looking for something.

Then I get to have my turn at the window. Purchase the Mominator's stamps first. Put the books up, start that transaction, and the clerk at the window asks me if I see a backpack on the floor anywhere. I don't. Then the gentleman who had been walking around stops by the end of a table, looks at it, and then hastily retreats to an inside office.

I start thinking of the worst case scenario: this is MY time to go. I am going to die in an Post Office explosion along with 20 other people. The only thing that will be left at the scene of the crime will be thousands of letters, floating around in the air.

And then I got pissed off that the gentleman who made the discovery decided that we needed to evacuate. NOW! Not after my transactions. Not after I pay for my books and get the rest of my stuff out. Not after I get my custom slip filled out for my APO delivery. NOW!

It turned out to be nothing. It was more than likely a homeless person's backpack that was inadvertently left there, which is what I had thought. After I was driving away in the safety of my van, of course. While I was there, I imagined Ted Kaczynki's little brother skulking around, scoping out the place, dropping the backpack, and hauling ass out of there.

And I am sure you are wondering what happened with the books that were in the window when they shut it down on me. Well, in true Post Office fashion, I received a phone call yesterday afternoon to apologize, but to also let me know that I owed them $ 4.64.

Oh .... and for my local readers who might also read the local newspaper ... I did NOT run out of the Post Office.



Anonymous Robin said...

Hey, maybe there was a baby "stuffed" in that backpack!
Ugh! Our stupid, stupid little town.
I HATE the post office, HATE IT!

7:13 AM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

yeah. When I came home, I heard all of the emergency vehicles coming this way, and I thought "they think I'M the one who left that backpack there" to only find out about the abandoned baby at the park this morning.

7:31 AM  
Blogger The "Mind" said...

Geez, an abandoned back pack scare and an abandoned baby? Lots of excitement for one day.

I do hope the baby is okay.

11:08 AM  

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