Monday, May 01, 2006

A pet peeve

I have quite a few pet peeves... just ask Ace.

Chili is NOT chili soup. If chili were chili soup, they would have called it chili soup. It is chili. It is in a category all its own.

That nasty stuff that accumulates at the top of the kids' toothpaste. Just that extra toothpaste that just seems to accumulate over time, making me throw away a relatively new tube of toothpaste. Yuck.

Boys who can't hit the toilet to save their lives, and Moms who don't remember that fact when they walk in the bathroom in their bare feet.

Max and Ruby. They have NO parents on this show. The creator's comment on that: it teaches kids to work problems out on their own. Really? Then why do mine scream at one another still? Television ain't doing what it's supposed to be doing, IMHO.

Indated. Now, this term is only used by my ex Vice-President (now President) of my former place of work. InUNdated was what he would be going for; somehow he never got it through his thick skull that indated is NOT a word.

Video tapes that aren't re-wound, no matter whose they are ... ours, the library's, the video store's. Drives me insane.

But one of my biggest: when someone in a position of power (not like Hitler, dictatorial power) has a beef with a few people and doesn't take it to those few people, they take it to the group as a whole, leaving the group scratching its head, saying "what was THAT about?"

Case in point: Wednesday night ... we had choir practice. Everything was fine until the last hour when our director said he had to talk to us about something. He read some canned document with general applicability, and then moved on to the specific. Of course, the specific spoken in vague generalities, hence the feelings of confusion. Only a select few (and the select few who ALWAYS are in the know) knew what was going on; the rest of us had NO clue.

When you have a beef with someone, you don't address EVERYone about it. You go to the person, the source, to handle the situation. Because when you address the whole, the whole feels a little chastised, and not as receptive to the person who has addressed the group. Don't treat me as if I have the problem, because I don't. Sure, I can make a snarky comment or two, but when it all boils down to it, I will defend someone if I think they are doing the job correctly.

So step up to the plate and be a man or a woman about it. Don't hide behind the generalities to talk about the specifics. It doesn't fly well with me.


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