Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A bone to pick

I had heard about this *tribute* to Britney Spears giving birth to her firstborn, who is now some seven months old, in the form of a scupture.

Now ... tell me this: This is supposed to depict the *beauty* of Britney, giving birth on a bearskin rug.

First ... did anyone else assume this position when they had their spinal administered to them before an elected c-section?

Second .... did anyone have a bearskin rug in the operating room during their c-section?

Because, if you did, I am going to have to call the hospital in which the Chandelier Monkey was extracted from my body, and ask for my money back because I didn't get ANY of those things when I had MY c-section. But apparently, Britney did.

I guess it is all about the star power. Because not only can you have a nice bearskin run upon which to lounge during your section, but you can also fool hundreds of thousands of people into thinking that you gave birth vaginally, when in all reality, you were scared shitless by your mother when she told you that childbirth pain is the most excrutiating pain you will ever feel in your natural life.

My props to Susie Sunshine for giving me the information about Britney's mother, and the reminder that I truly cannot stand that piece of *artwork*.


Anonymous Robin said... the by..she is four months preggers..
how bout them apples?!
I feel cheated now..all I had was a big ball and a chinese man screaming at me to hold still....

2:28 PM  

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