Saturday, June 17, 2006

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Memories ...

Tomorrow, Ace and I celebrate our 12th Anniversary. Twelve years of marital bliss.

June 18, 1994. The day we took the plunge.

The plunge.

We started off not very wealthy, and we remain that way. But we are wealthy in love.

Bleck. That is SO not me.

This is more like it.

Twelve years it has taken me to realize that the person I fell in love with the first time is not the same person I still fall in love with 12 years later. Now this man is a father of three children. His attention, which used to solely be placed on me, is now divided four ways. There are times when I look jealously at the girls, thinking they have his attention now, and I am just the nurturing, nagging person who tells him to take out the trash. I look at him with the Door Man, thinking that he is showing the Man how to be a man.

There were times of Sunday morning paper-reading in our bed with our cats. Nobody was there to tell us that we should go to church, or get up and do SOMEthing other than what we were already doing.

Then a screaming, writhing, attention-seeker came into our lives after four years of being alone, and changed everything. But so much for the better.

Now this man thinks of things to do with these attention-seekers, these people we have made together. Did I think, 12 years ago today, that I would be sitting here at my computer, talking about three children? Did I think of where I would be today? I certainly did not.

I just knew that I would still be married to this man. Nothing would ever change that.

We have been through our ups and downs, dealing with bills and finances and kids' ilnesses and schedules and job changes and job layoffs and pending layoffs and inlaw battles. Those remain a constant in our lives. But we will persevere because ...

All you need is love.


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