Monday, June 19, 2006

Yeah... ok.. but what do they DO?

As one of my commenters pointed out, cureal is a word used somewhere in Google world. I edited my post below to reflect the fact that I had misspoken: they were using the word cureall.

Ok. Sometimes it takes me a minute or two to catch on to things. I pride myself in being a smart woman, but sometimes ... there are those moments where I am not so proud of myself. I have a law degree. I am a mother of three who I think to be semi to pretty intelligent young people.

But I have my *and don't flame me, blondes* blonde moments. I think we all have them, but there are some of us who have them more often than others. I am one of those "some of us" people.

When I realized that I (1) had misspelled a word that I was bitching about, leaving out one of the "l"s and (2) had laid it out on the blog world that I wasn't too bright, I had one of those ding ding ding ding moments: cureall was probably cure all.

Our store is your cure all.

NOW I feel like a flipping moron. But that reminded me of this time in college ....

Ace and I, then dating, went to see Aladdin. Yes, we would grace the movie theaters more than any couple should have, and you could tell we were scraping the bottom of the barrel at that time when he had to watch a Disney movie. But we loved them, so we went to them (when we could).

The movie was over, and Ace is the type who doesn't want to miss a thing. He HAS to have the extra discs when we rent movies so he can watch the deleted scenes. Like they hold the answers to life in them.

The credits were rolling, and Ace was sitting on the edge of his seat, probably waiting for some Robin Williams' outtakes. He wasn't reading the screen. But I was.

This word scrolled by: inbetweeners.

I sat there, perplexed. Hmmm.. strange credit.

"Hey ... did you see that word?"

Because I wasn't Robin Williams in some outtake yet to be seen, Ace didn't hear me.

"Hey! did you see that word?"


"That word ... what do you think it is an in bet weener does?"

And because I STILL didn't resemble Robin Williams, Ace brushed me off and said "I don't know."

Luckily the woman in front of us WAS listening to me, and her shoulders started shaking up and down as she was consumed with the giggles.

I repeated to myself "that is just a funny job ... in bet weener."

Not being able to stand my stupidity any longer, and probably feeling sorry for me that I was with such an inattentive date, she turned around, and in her semi-Southern accent, she said "honey ... that is inbetweener ... .like they are inbetween something."

Needless to say, I was mortified. Ace, not paying one bit of attention, couldn't understand why I had to make such a hasty exit from the theater that night.

I was just glad that I never had to be an in bet weener OR an inbetweener because I still don't know what they do!


Blogger jayne d'Arcy said...

lol - you're hilarious! I've seen that word in movie credits too and just sort of scrunched the eyebrows together in puzzlement.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Christie said...

and don't forget about "rubon."

Thanks for the laughs!!


3:56 PM  

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