Friday, July 14, 2006

Dinner AND a movie

We live on the corner of a side street and a fairly well-traveled throughway. So we always check out the people who are pulled up at the top sign to see if we know them, if they are picking their nose, eating their breakfast, talking on the phone, or singing with the radio.

One time, one of our neighbors from down the street who owns a Hog, pulled up the to stop sign and was waiting to make a left turn. I was standing in our living room, watching him. He started to make the turn, must have stalled out his motorcycle, and he fell over. He wasn't hurt because he wasn't going at any great amount of speed. I don't even think his bike was scratched.

But the best show ever was when two cars pulled onto the side street at the same time. Of course, because they pulled in right next to one another, we had to watch. Ace was home for the day. One was only occupied by its driver, a female, and the other car was occupied by two females.

When the cars came to a stop right beside our house, the driver jumped out of the first car, and ran over to the rolled down window of the passenger in the second car. Ace and I were sure we would see her sucker punch the passenger, so we stood at the window, soaking it all in.

Queen Bee was smaller ... probably about three or so ... but she was also interested in seeing what Mom and Dad were gawking at.

Much to our surprise, the girl who jumped out of the car hangs into the second car and she and the passenger GO AT IT! They are french kissing right there in front of all of us.

It took me about a minute or so to fully understand what was happening, and there is Queen Bee just STARING at these girls. I pulled her away from the window, and ordered Ace to get out of the window. Instead, Ace decides that this is better than any porno and hopes that they keep going.

They finally had to stop because there was a car coming down the side street, and of course as soon as they did, the one looks up at the house and sees Ace standing at the window.

I probably should have popped some popcorn for him.


Blogger The "Mind" said...

LOL! I'm sure Ace did enjoy the show.

People watching is definitely the best. It is why we bought the house with the biggest front porch on the block...heck, for two blocks either direction. Sometimes the best entertainment can be had sitting on the porch with a beer in hand.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Tonya said...

OMG! Too bad we live on a side street where things are relatively quiet. We're the nosy type, so we would definitely enjoy the people watching.

5:24 PM  

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