Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A glimpse of the competition yet to come

When Queen Bee was growing up, we swore there could be no brighter kid on the planet. However, she did constantly refer to herself by our last name, and not her first. But it was very endearing.

When she entered Kindergarten, she was reading to her class (when her nerves didn't get to her, that is). She tested at a high level in reading, and she believed in herself. She believed that she was the "best" reader ever.

Her first grade teacher took her down a few notches the first time we met her. After the teacher was through insulting me ... that is another story for another entry ... she asked the Queen what she loved most about Kindergarten. Of course, it was reading and art. I am very tight-lipped when it comes to the kids' accomplishments (except for when Queen won that art contest out of all the K-5 graders, and won $ 100 for it ... she was SOOOO proud), so I didn't offer up much when Queen started talking about how she was a really good reader. It is the competitive spirit in her. She takes after her father.

Once Queen told her teacher that she was reading at X level, her teacher said "well... like I always told my daughter (her only child, and a golden one at that), no matter how well you read, there will always be somebody who reads better than you."

Yes. That is true. That is a hard lesson we learn in life. When I graduated from my SMALL SMALL high school as salutatorian, I thought I knew everything. I thought I was smart. I thought I was the ONLY one who "got it." But I wasn't. I landed in a sea of similar and better fish, and learned to swim.

So I think that was the message Queen's teacher was trying to convey to her ... Now, when the teacher DID witness that Queen was a darn good reader, she was amazed and pleasantly surprised.

The Door Man is reading now. He can read books like "Green Eggs and Ham" and "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" and "Are You My Mother." He is a bright dude, too but he has some eyesight issues that kind of hinder him a little. And, let's face it. He's a BOY. He works differently. The Queen does not view him as stiff competition. But he will be underestimated. Mark my words.

But let's move on to the smallest of the family. The Monkey is BRIGHT. She is smart. She is cunning. She does things that I would never have seen Queen do when she was her age. Sure, I attribute it some to her older siblings. However, I do believe that this child is pretty bright.

This morning, I witnessed the rearing of the green eyed monster in Queen when it comes to the Monkey.

This morning is library morning. That means, we spend the early part of the morning, frantically searching for that ONE item that nobody can seem to find. Today, it is a DVD. I can't find it anywhere, so I decided to put on my waders, and go into the older kids' room. It is a hole in there, and it is all because the Queen treats it that way. It maddens me to no end. But that is also another subject for another time.

I started to box up books that have reproduced in their room. I came across a brain teaser puzzle that Queen had gotten over the summer. Really, it is a little too young for her, but she wanted it, so she bought it with her hard-earned garage sale money. It is one of those puzzles with different shaped blocks, and you have to put them together to make a square. She has done it a number of times, and so has the Door Man, but only because he admitted that he looked at the picture on the back of the puzzle. But that's ok. He still is learning.

This morning, the Monkey (who has solved this puzzle before, and not by looking at the picture) wanted to play with it. I wasn't paying too much attention, and then I heard a shriek from the Monkey. I looked over, and Queen had stuck her foot down on top of the puzzle, and kicked it about so it messed up. Translation: the Monkey was getting ready to solve it, and Queen couldn't stand that!

I had a discussion with Queen, telling her that she isn't a one-man show. I told her that she is going to have to deal with her siblings being as bright, or maybe even brighter than she is. I told her that we all have our special things ... I can sing, and Daddy can, too, but not as well as me. Daddy is a wiz when it comes to math; I can't add my way out of a paper bag. But the most important thing that I wanted Queen to take away from this whole conversation was that, no matter where our talents are, we are all people, and none of us are perfect.

To her I am sure that sounded like "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah your sister is better than you at the puzzle blah blah blah blah blah."

Ah yes.... and they are only 7 and 3. I can't wait until a 10 is added to those ages....


Blogger JJ said...

LMAO at the I'm sure all she heard was 'blah blah blah...' bit. Sooo funny and no doubt, true.

Mine are 10, 7-1/2 and 5. The middle child is bright & also bugs big sister. Little guy is starting Kindergarten...we'll see how the school year unfolds & impacts the "dynamic". LOL

Love your blog. (Visiting from Mel's blog, btw.)

12:55 PM  

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