Sunday, October 22, 2006

Going on a trek

The Hardware Family is going on Safari.

Ace entered a contest in a local newspaper where hidden words had to be found. The prize was two free tickets to this place. So when he took the entry in, the lady in charge of accepting the entries said "take as many as you need." So we are armed with our carrots, our free tickets, and our map from Mapquest. And we are off.

Playing hookie from church ... I am sure that the Mominator is muttering something under her breath about how SHE has to go to church, so EVERYone should be there, too. Of course, I remember her taking a little trip over to the Hoosier State a few weeks ago during church time.

Will have pictures later. Hopefully we won't get rolled by a buffalo.


Blogger The "Mind" said...

ROADTRIP! Hope you have a great time.

I'm doing nothing but laundry today. Joy.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

Have fun and drive safe! Good luck.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

I will definitely post some pictures later. The kids had a BLAST! but there is something unnerving about a van and a herd of buffalo in a standoff.

2:48 PM  

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