Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm at it again

Ok. So I was looking at someone's blog a few days ago (Kailani's renter, The Foo Logs, I think is the name), and he had mentioned another site that pays you to review different sites or blogs. It is called ReviewMe and it works a little differently.

You submit your application and your blog, and the service will determine if you are an eligible blog. It will then assign a dollar amount to your blog. This dollar amount is what the advertiser will pay you, the blogger, to review their site or their product. It can be a positive or a negative or a neutral review. Advertisers cannot force you to leave a positive review.

One thing about ReviewMe is there has to be up front disclosure that you, the blogger, are being paid your "going rate" for leaving a review for this advertiser.

If you are interested, you can go to the ReviewMe site, sign up, and be assigned a dollar amount. Then you put your blog in their marketplace, and you wait for the advertisers to contact you. You can accept or reject any offer that is presented to you.

Yes, I am being paid to write this post. But hey .... it's all in good fun.


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