Sunday, December 31, 2006

Winding down the weekend/ramblings

Well it has been a flurry of activity here as usual. Worked yesterday morning to finish up for the week, ran to the grocery, came home and cooked up our "Christmas" dinner with the inlaws, ran to Hobby Lobby, dropped a few bucks, and then went to friend Robin's.

To Julie, Christie, Robin, and Wendy ... thank you for forgiving all time. Even if I haven't seen some of you for months, it is like it was yesterday that we saw one another. And there are no expectations (well, other than showing up, of course!). I am so happy to have you all in my life. Now I am going to start calling you. Every day. Five times a day. ;)

Trying to decide what I want to do today. I need to knit an order. I want to keep the momentum of scrapping going. I will probably go with the latter.

And speaking of latter ... when you have three or more choices, don't you say "latter of the X"?

So I say:

We could (1) go to the movie, (2) stay home, or (3) go to the grocery ... do you say latter of the three? Because with former and latter, isn't the implication that there are only two choices? So do you say "latter of the three"?

Burning question, I know. But one that Ace and I had the other day when I presented three options to him, and he said the latter and I said "which one?"

Poor Ace. He has even admitted that he doesn't like to argue with me because he can never win. I told him it wasn't fair to compare himself to me, and that he should keep on trying. That is like comparing a person who rarely rides a horse to a jockey.

And then we are sitting in church, and Mini Martha decided to come, which made me happy. But she is sitting there, TEXTING her daughter. Like three times. There was one point in time when Queen (who decided to bypass her first church and sit with us, and YAWN all the way through service) even pointed at Mini Martha, and I said "I know .. she doesn't know better, does she?"

I will give her the benefit of the doubt the first time ... her daughter/my niece is due in a few weeks, so she wants to be at her beck and call. But after the first text, if it doesn't include the phrase "gng 2 hsptl; mt me thr" then you probably should put the phone away and call her after church is over.

But that wasn't the point of me bringing up the subject of church. Our pastor asked us if we knew what a blog was, and my MIL is sitting right there. You see, the Queen knows about this blog, and I was afraid that she would open her mouth and say "My Mommy has one that my Grammy doesn't know about!" right there in the middle of church. But she didn't, thank goodness. Because I am not ready for that reckoning quite yet.

And speaking of the inlaws, they are coming over here in a bit, so I should end this little post.


Anonymous Robin said...

I'm so impressed with your text vocab woman! Yes, Ace should never try to argue with a woman, particularly one that is a lawyer for heaven's sake! Matt gave up along time ago I think!
Loved having you over...:)
I always cringe when tatoo's are brought up in front of my MIL. I have that same sinking feeling that one of my darling children will say.."My mom has a tatoo on her butt"
that will be one charming day..

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Christie said...

Loved seeing you last night. Love that the only expectation we have of one another is to laugh and have a good time. Love your stories. You rock, girlfriend!

5:44 PM  

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