Saturday, February 17, 2007

Are you a fun person?

I like to think that I am a relatively fun person. On my own terms, though. If it doesn't appeal to me, I won't partake in it. Basic human nature, or a coping mechanism for those times when my mother would "force" me to do something, telling me all the while "just do it. It will make you a stronger person."

Case in point: I am known in these here parts (my house) as the "not fun" parent. Now, the kids won't outright say this to my face. But it is pretty much an unspoken sentiment.

WOO HOO!!! It's snowing outside!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Let's go get our snow pants and boots and let's.... oh yeah. Mommy's home. We'll have to wait until Daddy gets here.

Did I like to play outside when I was kid? Sure did. Loved to make snow forts and tunnels and all that stuff. We had an awesome next door neighbor who let me play in his backyard because our's ... well ... for lack of a better term ... it sucked. My Dad was into early American antiques. He was into the presentation of a house. He wasn't into the functional aspects of having a six year old at home. So our backyard consisted of a concrete patio (where there once was one of those aluminum-sided swimming pools that sat in the shade ALL DAY long, never to have its water warm up to anything swimmable, and it was directly underneath TWO large evergreen trees .... needless to say that pool was used very little, and it only survived one summer because when my father found the ring that the pool created on his concrete patio ... well that was all there was to the pool)...

Shew. Where was I?

Oh yeah. The backyard. A concrete patio and brick walkway that ended up at an urn at the end where my mother would sometimes plant geraniums. And weeds would grow. Our backyard was the place of eternal shadow because of the trees. It really was just a gloomy place, so I didn't spend too much time there.

I would go next door and build forts and tunnels and have all sorts of fun. Our neighbor didn't care at all ... he was a really easy-going dude ... and my first crush... I loved him. Maybe because he was around more than my mortician as a profession father, and was more accomodating... who knows.

Psychobabble aside, I did have a fun time in the snow. I didn't have any bad memories of going down a hill at breackneck speed, being thrown off of my sled and breaking my arm. I didn't get lost in those tunnels, only to be rescued by the paramedics. So really ... there is no psychological underpinning of why I no longer like to go out in the snow.

Now ... it is too cold. It is too wet. And I just don't like to play in it.

So that makes me the "not fun" parent. My kids are anxiously awaiting the return of their father who was called into work this morning to fix some switch that was making all of the cash registers go offline. Translation: nobody knows how to do the job but Ace. Job security? Maybe. Pain in the ass? Most certainly.

So ... how about you? Even if you are in an environment where you don't get a lot of snow *dudes... you know who you are* how are you on the meter of "fun parent"? Or "fun person"?

Maybe that will be New Years Resolution for next year. Not this one, though. I have all those books to read... and I can't switch Resolutions in the middle of the year.

So I will just keep being the stick in the snow. The others ... let them have all the fun.

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Blogger The "Mind" said...

I like to think I'm fun. Pman is pretty fun too, but can suck the life out of any funness at any given time without warning (he's a tad moody).

Anyhow, I physically can't do some sledding/tubing. Nope, my back can't take it. But other than that, I'm game for fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, canoeing, etc.

But I'm still the Mistress of Discipline in our house.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

You are talking about me!! And my kids DO say it to my face!! There are MAMA's duties and DADDY's duties... I don't do snow, miniature golf, kids movies, or dirt! That's Dad's territory...I get to clean it all up and hold the hair out of the way when they throw up all the crap they ate at the movies. But they love me anyway..."you're just always there for the hugs, Mama." Gotta love'em.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

Oh Ann.... the last time I took the kids to see a movie was Cars. if you want to know how it went, here's the link to the post about it:

7:28 PM  
Anonymous kailani said...

My poor kids, neither of us are "fun" parents. In our family, Aunty is the fun one. She's the one who will let you trash her house, get down on the floor to play, and has the best snacks around.

4:03 AM  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

I like to have fun, does that count? Sure I take the kids to the park, the zoo, out in the backyard, but does that necessarily make me a fun person? Nope, not like Daddy. Daddy comes homes and chases the kids and tickles them. He hasn't changed the diapers, cleaned off food covered surfaces (table, chairs, countertops, floors, people), etc. He has the energy to play!

Not that I'm a total stick, mind you, some days I hype up on chocolate and let loose!

4:24 PM  

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