Monday, June 25, 2007

Most Likely To....

When I was in high school, we had those stupid popularity elections. No, not homecoming court. We had that, too. I'm talking about when the seniors pass around a ballot with the "Most Likely Tos" and we had to vote the people who were "Most Likely To."

Most Likely To Succeed
Ok. I think that was the only Most Likely To...

Then there was Cutest Couple, Worst Driver, Class Clown, Most Athletic.... all those things that let an already self-conscious teenager worry about their popularity just a little bit more.

Our Most Likely To Succeed ended up marrying her high school loser of a sweetheart after having dropped out of college in her freshman year. They ended up as a divorce statistic, and now she is a single mom, raising their kids.

Our Cutest Couple broke up their freshman year in college (or should I say hers because he never went to college) because she was unfaithful. She ended up calling me my first year working at Cedar Point to let me know that she was pregnant with some boy's kid (the boy had JUST graduated from our high school). They also married, stayed married for a while, and they also ended up a divorce statistic. But that was AFTER they had separated and divorced due to his infidelity, and then again remarried one year after their divorce was final. Yeah. That one was meant to last....

Our Most Athletic never reached college athletic fame at all. I don't even think either of them went out for college sports.

I was (no surprise here) voted Class Clown and ... get this ... Worst Driver. Never ONCE had an accident, so I have no idea how that one was bestowed upon me. The Class Clown one ... well, that one was rightfully earned.

So I look at my kids and I have to wonder .... who will they be in school? Not that I think they will win popularity contests. I just wonder what their personalities will be.

The Queen will probably be "Most Likely To Drive Her Classmates Crazy Because She Always Has To Be Right" Or "Class Pushover" because of her Clark Kent nature.

I know the Man will be "Class Clown." Or "Most Possessive Of His Belongings."

The Monkey ... she's a total tossup. She could be "Class Suck Up" or "Heaviest Metal Rocker" or "I Can't Believe She Has That Many Body Piercings And Her Parents Haven't Thrown Her Out Yet."

It is fun to watch them grow up into these ... people. I think I have been so mired in the "WHEN will this stage EVER stop" to really step back and look at them for who they are now, and who they will potentially become.

I just hope I live through it all without losing my sanity.



Blogger Ann said...

Oh how I hated high school. Get this...I was a cheerleader and dancer, but I was also PAINFULLY shy. Dancing and performing were compulsions. But I KNEW I was the biggest dweeb on the face of the planet...none of those votes for me. How strange to learn at a reunion 20 years later that I was considered one of the popular kids. Still, you could not pay me enough to get me to go back. (shiver, shiver)

Why am I not surprised that you were voted class clown! You make me laugh! XOXO

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I Can't Believe She Has That Many Body Piercings And Her Parents Haven't Thrown Her Out Yet."

I love that your expectations are so realistic. LOL!

It is weird though, isn't it. I can't imagine what my kids would be voted as, by their friends/classmates. I could say DT would be voted "Most Likely To Lose His Pants While Walking Through The Mall", but I'm afraid that is the fashion and he's got some major competition among his friends.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous jenn said...

I'm so glad I didn't go to high school. Being home schooled I never had to put up with that stuff.

I always thought the voting was dumb!!

3:27 PM  
Anonymous A-Country-Mom (formerly Stephanie) said...

There should be "the girl who is most likely to be invisible" cause that was me. I don't know why. I was fun and witty. Sorry, I didn't have any friends in high school or right after. Not great memories.

4:07 PM  

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