Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Move over, Mom

There's a new woman in the Man's life.

Last year, it was Allison. She had the hugest crush on the Man. She would smile shyly at him and say hello. We saw her at the pool this summer for swimming lessons, and she was so excited to see him.

Now they aren't in the same class anymore.... I was kinda sad about that.

But life is going on. New love is in the air in the first grade room.

And that love is called Eve.

And for my near and dears, this is the child of the woman who I had words with at the very first Vacation Bible School Extravaganza. You all know who I'm talking about .... the one who was all ticked off at me because she can't read a clock to tell time.

And it looks like we are practically family. I can't WAIT for the wedding.

And it was Eve who made the moves on the Man. She asked him yesterday to be her boyfriend.

And like any good boy would, he said "yeah."

This, of course, was the boy who came home last night from his first Scout meeting with mosquito bites all over his face. Because apparently he can't swat them away. It is a whole lot cooler to stand there with about five feasting on your cheeks.

This is also the boy who came home today with maple syrup all down the front of his shirt as he matter-of-factly states "oh yeah.... I dropped it on me."

But I am hoping his judge of character is a lot stronger than his inability to fend off blood-sucking insects and dodging 4 oz souffle cups of maple syrup.

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Anonymous Robin said...

love that! Hey, remember, behind every man is the woman swatting mosquitoes off of their faces and cleaning the crap off of their shirts. He will fit in just fine, he is just playing it early!

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fear not, he'll go through several before he hits high school.

Oh, and if that doesn't happen, just tell him that you really like her. That's the kiss of death (hmm, second time I've used that term today) and he'll dump her pronto. ;)


7:35 AM  
Anonymous Jacque said...

oh yes I remember the mother of Eve quite well and better yet her dad is totally hot. I know shame on me!!!

9:54 AM  

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