Wednesday, May 03, 2006

GAH! I HATE toys!!!!

My kids have a ton of toys. A TON of them. And not just the nice, wooden, hand-me-down, keepsakes ... the plastic junk. And the worst offenders: the kids' meal toys. The ones that beep and make noise, and shoot things out of mouths, and hang from backpacks. I don't mind the ones that hang from backpacks because those go to school with the Queen. However, I am now being entertained by the Monkey and the Man, playing with those God-forsaken Burger King handheld toys.

But do you know the ONE toy that I abhor most, the coup d'etat in the struggle with positioning themselves in my kids' lives (meaning the inlaws): the Cookie Monster saxophone.

This toy has NO volume control. The volume is set at ear-splitting loud. And it has a speed control, so add that to the true enjoyment of the toy. There is NOTHING quite like listening to Rock Around the Clock at 50,000 different, ADD-inducing speeds. It has now met a demise of which noone speaks.

And guess what? Just about EVERY toy that is on the floor is going to meet the same demise today. There will be screams of horror when the Man and Monkey see me throw these treasures away.


Blogger truebluegirl said...

oh hear ya sistah! the happy meal toy they have to have that gets discarded 2 sec after they've gotten it...trips to the treasure box at school...more crap. I'm thinking of asking his taecher if I can give her a truckload of it back. We have a guitar with no off button and different speeds...nice

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

That's funny, we are purging like anorexics here...Carly's room is so diguisting to me, I'm so DONE!
Coming tonight love? Christie will be there and another new friend of mine that you will LOVE..another Robin. Who knew?!
I don't care what time you get there..just come no matter!
Miss you!
Miss you too Jacque girl! We can have cocktails here ya know! We still need just one big generic b-day celebration...Boo's Lounge anyone?!

7:36 AM  

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