Monday, May 15, 2006

Garage Sales

Ok. I love garage sales .... sometimes. I don't mind putting them on. But I don't like to be *told* when I will be having my next sale.

My family does it to me. I am the *central* location (read: the only one in town), so that makes me the prime target for all sales to be held. They will say "when is your next sale?" or "let's do a sale soon, ok? I need some money."

We ALL NEED money, don't we?

So now, my inlaws have joined in on the "let's do a sale ... at YOUR house." They are traveling ALL the way with their goods on a trailer. Their reasoning: we have more success at garage sales. That could mean one of two things: (1) we have developed a rep for our sales or (2) my hometown is white trash, and theirs isn't. I would like to say it is number one, but I might be leaning toward number two.

They are carting who knows what up here, and don't aske me what they are going to do when/if it doesn't sell. It won't be taking up residence in my garage, I tell ya.

Our sales are normally rained on or the weather is abfab. That means that, if the former, noone comes because of the weather and, if the latter, noone comes because of the weather.

We have brought in droves when we have had our Longaberger collections for sale because we were known to sell at rock bottom prices. Well, when you don't buy anymore to replenish that collection, the collection runs dry, as it has here. We will now move on to the 4000 pieces of Correlle *dinnerware* that shatters when it falls on the floor. Shatters. Have you ever had a piece of Correlle shatter on you? It doesn't just go in one direction. It is omnidirectional. And my kids have this innate ability to be (1) eating lunch and need to get down RIGHT then to go to the bathroom or (2) wanting to walk through the kitchen at that very moment that I have dropped the bowl or plate.

So we need to decide what, other than the 50000000000000 items of children's clothing that we are going to offer for this sale in order to make it worthwhile for us. Queen Bee will sell her cookies and lemonade, Door Man will go through his old possessions in the garage, demanding to have it back or screaming because someone just walked off with it, and the Chandelier Monkey will be running out into oncoming traffic because we will be so busy with customers.

It will be a fun day had by one and all. The time to avoid this fiasco is the second weekend of next month .... so don't come around here unless you want to be put to work.


Anonymous Julie said...

Are you sure you want to have it that weekend? Seems like there are alot of graduations then. We had one last weekend and of course the drab weather held most back. But we did manage to sell $200. worth of unused items which I'm sure when new sold for atleast $2000. But ya can't keep it all. It always shocks me what sells and what doesn't. The coolest thing could be left until the last day and someone wants it for 5 cents. Juat slays me.
But good luck to you and the sale. I dread them but do appreciate the money. We usually use it for vacation. {The kids always think they should get the money. It was my toys they say.} WELL, who bought the toys. So the issue is resolve when we spend it on vacation fun.
Have a good day. Smile a bit. It makes you feel happy inside.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Sister girl-
welcome to my own personal hell. Our community garage sale, organized by none other than myself. Ohh, it's big baby. Usually selling girls clothes..usually make about 700. But, you know, gotta get rid of it somewhere!
I'm pricing things as we speak, ours is scheduled for sometime in June, but later than yours.
wanna go out soon?
let me know!

8:21 PM  

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