Monday, May 08, 2006

Time for a change

It seriously is time for a change in my life. I am sick of the way the things are right now. I am sick of carrying the insurance. I am sick of being the one who HAS to have THIS job in order to make it.

I am sick of the legal profession. I am sick of being a provider of such boring information. I am sick of being managed by someone who only talks to me when things are going well on my end. I am sick of waiting for the axe to fall, and hear "you are fired" because of my relaxed attitude toward work. Because really ... I don't care anymore. I have lost the interest in this job that I once had. I used to think that returning to the "regular" work world would depress me.

Will I miss my kids? Heck yes. But I will still see them. When I think about it, with the time that I HAVE to spend at this computer, it is the same thing, except I have to get up to make lunch, and put out small fires every single moment of the day.

Would I love this job more if I could just sit here and work it with no interruptions? No. I have lost the enjoyment of just doing the job. Day in and day out, nothing new. The same old same old. The cases don't even interest me because really .... I don't read them. I skim them for information.

I have hit that point in my life where I WANT and NEED a change, but there is nothing lined up. I need to get some feelers out there. I have already sent a resume over to a place across the street, but of course, in their typical fashion, I have heard NOTHING from them. I don't know if I should overstep the boundaries, and send my resume directly to a friend of mine. He is a VP over there, but that did absolutely nothing for Ace when he applied there. But then, I am a little more marketable than Ace (nothing against him, but I have eight plus years of solid work experience at one place, and a law degree). But obviously that means nothing over there....

I am at SUCH a huge crossroads right now. Who would do all of the kid things? Could I rely on my Mom for the summer months, and some of the days of the week? I am sure, if I paid her, she certainly would consider it. It would be an awesome deal if I could work something out with her.

I just need to do something.


Anonymous Robin said...

I know, I know. You need to do it for yourself. Life is too short to be unhappy. I have to have a variety of jobs, it makes me happy. It keeps life interesting. Don't feel guilty about your kids. You have been there for them. You will be ok. I have been through all that already and they will be OK!!! Promise! They may be better for it. Sometimes if you are burnt out on one thing, that carries over into all your other stuff. I know it sound nuts, but I am a much better mother because I am not with them 24/7. Yes, you will miss them. But, you will feel better about you. Your life. You will have a whole new motivation. Pre-school is all it's cracked up to be. Firm believer in that! I'll cheer you on! Whatever I can do to help! Keep teaching and work on something else. Maybe part time? Then, you have the best of both worlds!
Love ya girl!

7:45 AM  

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