Friday, January 26, 2007

You saw WHAT?!

Another good one from our local docket:

An employee at Best Buy Warehouse on County Road 212 contacted the
sheriff’s office Wednesday after seeing a commercial truck with a large amount
of “body parts” in the cab and a “head” mounted on the back. The caller believed
the items were plastic, but made the report “just in case.” Deputies could not
locate the truck.

Now that is a new one to me.

Another typical, I didn't work much during the week Friday. So that means I will be chained to this computer over the weekend. What joy.

Tomorrow we start Upward basketball games. I swear it was yesterday that we finished up with cheerleading. Seriously, I can't believe that it was a whole year ago that I was coaching eight little cheerleaders. This year, I get to be a parent who sits and watches. It will be a nice change to be able to enjoy something as opposed to always having to do something.

And tomorrow ... the wait is FINALLY over. The Naked Brothers Band starts, and the Queen is beside herself with excitement. Ah yes ... it is a new era for us in television shows. Even though the Monkey still watches Noggin, I wax nostalgic when I think about how the Queen used to watch Noggin, too. Now it is The Naked Brothers Band and Avatar and Drake and Josh and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Lovely. No Cheetah Girls in there. All about the boys.

Gone are the days of Little Bear and Maisy and Miffy. Gone are the days when I could rely on the content of the show to be consistently mundane.

But I will have to say ... High School Musical ... a good show. And I do enjoy SpongeBob.

Sandy Cheeks: Patrick, don't you have to be stupid somewhere else.
Patrick: Not until four.


Well ... off I go to work. Have a good weekend!


Anonymous Jacque said...

I have to admit I like Sponge Bob too. My mom loathes it and thinks it's such a spastic show that all who view it will suffer from ADD. May be some validity to that. The eldest child loves him some Drake & Josh, Suite Life and Mr. Meaty. Have you seen this one? It's so wrong. They did a commercial for it that was hysterical. It was one of the puppet dudes lip synching a Backstreet Boys song. Very funny!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cringe watching almost all shows like that. I just can't take the newer cartoons/kid's shows. Give me Looney Tunes and Captain Kangaroo.

I have all boys and yet there is a constant flow of girls both calling the house and coming over to visit. It's like DT has a harem. Ok, not a harem because they (with the exception of one or two) are just friends. But geez, whatever happened to a houseful of boys?


11:12 AM  
Anonymous local girl said...

Girlie Girl is all about being Cheetah-licios! In fact, we're going to their concert next week!

BTW, could you contact fefyfomanna and give her your mailing address for the goody swap? She knows there's still a lot of time but she likes to prepare in advance. That girl is on it! Thanks!

5:52 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

I went to her blog and posted my address there. hope she got it.

7:05 PM  

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