Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On your marks ...

Get set..... Go.

The Queen decided that she wanted to try out for the traveling soccer team this year.

On one hand, I hoped she would make it. On the other, I had heard of the more grueling schedule, the travel, the money, etc. and I was kind of hoping ... just kind of hoping ... she wouldn't make it.

She did. The "A" team, whatever that is supposed to mean. That probably means "you are more Away than here when you play your games."

We have a parent informational meeting in a few weeks where we get to hear exactly what is involved in this circus life.

And we received a phone call two days ago from someone, asking if the Queen would like to attend a soccer camp. For 68.75. After I had JUST spent 75 on another soccer camp.

Well sure ... I'm made of money.

And they put it to you like this: Hi! This is so and so from the soccer league. We are calling the U-9 teams to see if they can make a soccer camp where we are trying to get all the traveling teams together and get to know one another. We would love to have the Queen there, if it is at all possible. Oh... by the way out 68.75 for four days of camp for 2 1/2 hours each day.

First, who can say no to that opportunity when it is presented in such manner. Second, who can say no to someone who will take your kid for 2 1/2 hours in the morning.

And thus it all begins.

However, I will have to say ... this soccer stuff ... with having THREE kids playing it this year ... has gotten me out of traveling 2 hours, one way, to a choir kickoff event. Don't even get me started on WHY the powers that be have decided that the choir should have to take 8 hours out of a Saturday to spend time with one another when we already spend enough time with each other during the week. That is two hours to get there, FOUR hours to be there, and two hours to come home. I mean ... really.

So I just can't leave Ace to have to get three kids to three different soccer events, especially if one of them is out of town. Just wouldn't work.

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Anonymous Robin said...

So GREAT that she made it Mer! That will be a good experience, albeit a tired one for all! Hope to do that with Carly next summer...
Really, how can you say no to the camp? We would not want anyone to be treated differently now would we?!
Can't wait to hear your experiences with the other parents..that will be something, I'm sure!
Yeah Queen!

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

hey woman..found this blog you may be interested..scrapper, knitter, from Columbus

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My kids will be having the kind of summer I had as a kid. Getting up late, staying up late, etc. At most they'll maybe take swimming lessons when the City offers them (uh, free, BTW), and they will pedal their butts down to the lake and back as transportation.

There will be rainy days spent playing pool, ping pong, and some warped indoor tennis on small courts at the City rec center.

The poor things, I've clamped down on the xbox/video games probably even more than I do during the school year. When they say "I'm bored", they know "Well, get outside and blow the stink off ya" is what will follow. LOL!

Have fun.

And I'm a heathen. I would not have needed soccer as an excuse to not waste 8 hours of my Saturday on church choir. LOL!

9:18 AM  

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