Friday, June 23, 2006

The Friday Five

Because it is, technically, Friday ... here's some fun:

List your favorites for the following:

1. Restaurant: The Olive Garden for me, baby!

2. Beverage: Non alcoholic: Pepsi; Alcoholic: anything with alcohol in it

3. Movie: Toss up betwee Gone With the Wind and Napoleon Dynamite (don't tell the Mominator)

4. Candy: 3 Musketeers

5. Day of the week: I can't believe I am admitting this, but Monday ... it is the start of a new workweek/quota for me, and I just love Mondays


Anonymous Robin said...

Ok, here we go:
1. Restaurant: Rossilli's (or green tree tavern) LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!
2. Beverage: Diet Pepsi during the day, Miller Lite or Corona with Lime in the night (or whenever, depending on what kind of day I've had!)
3. Movie: About Last Night (does this date me?)
4. Candy: Hershey's Special Dark
5. Day of the Week: anyday that I'm not working or have VBS!!! Really, it's Thursday..not sure college it was the start of the weekend. Because I'm eternally in college in my mind, that still is my favorite day, although my activities have drastically changed....
Cheers and happy Friday to you my friend!
Hey, love the rent your space, I signed up for that service too, even though I have no idea what the heck it entails, I like the idea of it!

8:20 AM  

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